Iraqi Data Point

Well this is fantastic news. The US will be keeping its signed commitment to withdraw ALL forces by the end of the year. This will be hugely beneficial in political debates. Morons like Foddy who said that the US would be staying in Iraq for the next 50 years to control oil have their worldview collapsed. Or it would be collapsed if they weren't such morons that they replace one pathetic worldview with another equally pathetic one to cover up their gross failure to be able to accurately predict events according to their old one. That's actually an important point - we are genetically attuned to gaining pleasure from predicting the future - a great survival characteristic. Just like listening to music.

Anyway, the War on Terror is an ideological war, so we need to get back to winning that, and for that, we need the US troops out of Iraq. So that's really fantastic news. Of course, there is a danger that Iraq will have a military coup, and that the US will stand idly by (in Kuwait) instead of intervening, but that's OK. Because that gives us another valuable data point in understanding the world. It would be nice to know if Arab Muslim new democracies naturally fall back to military dictatorships. The only way we can find this out is by getting the troops out and seeing what happens. I don't know what happens. My guess is that that won't happen, because the institutions are in place to prevent that. But the world has seen plenty of military coups, so I could well be wrong. Either way, it is important to know what to expect. We know what we expect to see from an Arab Muslim democracy. Iraq gave us that data point already, thanks to the wonderful 70% turnout to a secret ballot. And yes, it was worth $1 trillion and 100,000+ lives to get that data. That data allows us to install Arab Muslim democracies at will. We know it is technically possible. Even if it turns out that you DO need to keep 5,000 troops in the country for 100 years to put down military coups.

I see multiple sweeps of the world taking place. First of all we sweep the world installing democracies everywhere. Then we sweep the world converting the non-liberal-democracies into liberal democracies assuming that is technically possible. Well before all that happens we need a sweep of the world to "gather data". So Iraq was involved in that sweep, and we've got most of the data we can get already. There's still more data to be obtained from Iraq, e.g. "do Arab Muslim democracies coalesce into a 2-party system split along economic lines?".

Anyway, I look forward to the political debates I will be able to have on Jan 1, 2012. Not sure how many days I will be able to debate for before a military coup harms my argument, but I will savour the window of opportunity. And hopefully Tunisia and Libya provide fallbacks for any military coup anyway. It's a combination of all these things that provides a strategy for world liberation. That's what the ultimate goal is - create the best possible blueprint for world liberation and then execute it in a blitzkrieg.

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