The Syrian Connection

Open letter to Dmitry Medvedev and Hu Jintao, presidents of Russia and China

Dear sirs,

Thank you both for abstaining and allowing UNSC 1973 to pass. Libyans now have a bright future and you played your part admirably.

Can I now ask that you go one step further, and this time not just abstain, but vote in favour of a resolution that supports a similar action in Syria? And this time, instead of NATO doing the military action, can you use your own forces to do so? The trouble with NATO is that it keeps on getting accused of imperialism. There is less likelihood of your countries being accused of this.

Note that in Syria I think you will need to have some limited boots on the ground to secure a city that could be used as a rallying point for Syrian freedom fighters. And another thing - even if some countries vote against you at the UN - please ignore them. Do the right thing even if others refuse to do so.

Thankyou and good luck. I'll leave you with a photo of some Syrian freedom fighters requesting a No Fly Zone.

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