Dream Job

One of the ways I believe God communicates with us is via dreams. As usual, in order to get plausible deniability, the majority of dreams are stupid (just like the bible), so that you can hide some important concepts (like "love thy enemy" in the case of the bible).

Anyway, I'm just awake after a dream which I recognized as important and thus forced myself awake. I was going to just jot notes and write it up properly later, but what the heck.

Anyway, I was doing a particular job that was complicated but boring, and I wasn't doing it well. After a long time I was given the chance to try out some other jobs. One of them I was better at, but then there was a chance to be a tank driver. I didn't think I would be physically strong enough to do it, but I was, and it was like FUCKING STORMING NORMAN. There was a tape played by a tank driver who said that if he hadn't driven more aggressively (fuel-wasting) than trained, he would have missed out on most of his engagements. Lesson learned - drive by the seat of your pants.

I was just about to drive by the seat of my pants and not worry about fuel (hoping someone else would worry about that and give me some of theirs after the engagement) when I got scared, pulled back, and woke up.

Why was I scared? Perhaps no-one else was in fact ensuring that there was enough fuel left at the end of the engagements. If everyone is driving by the seat of their pants, you may end up winning the battle and losing the war. I'm the guy who naturally pulls back and ensures the bases are covered.

Should I be a general? Nope. You need to pull back even further than that. We've already got enough perfectly competent generals. The problem is that they are under civilian control, and the gigantic war machines at our disposal will remain in mothballs unless someone has the political balls to unleash them. And no-one is going to do that unless they have the citizens of the country largely on board. Which is why the Ultimate General is the one who engages citizens head on to try to change what is going on in the heads of pea-brained voters. I may have failed at playing Ultimate General, but at least I fucking tried.

There are times (such as the escapade to the Chinese Embassy) where I see a path of opportunity opened up where I can ruthlessly pursue the goal of freedom and justice. Accosting the guy down at the train station who hit a woman was another pursuit of that goal. But most times there is not a clear avenue to victory opened up. There is a military avenue opened up - the US military could liberate the entire world besides China after getting the nod from Obama. The trouble is we have fickle citizens who are electing people who are unlikely to give the nod. So I pull back and plot. Forever plotting. Forever probing at the edges looking for a crack in the armour. Forever waiting to rush in where I can drive victory home. Ultimate Warrior.

Not really General because I'm not a people person like a General needs to be. I'm more inclined to just provide advice to the Generals of the world. I believe World Dictatorship is a solvable problem if we can just come up with the right sequence of words to give to the US President or the UK Prime Minister etc. I used to think that Message 666 had the right combination of words to impart the required understanding. To this day it provides perfect clarity to me of where the battle lines are to be drawn. Admittedly it basically declares the whole world to be an enemy at least some of the time, so maybe that's where it's falling down. But to me that's just the internal jihad - fighting against yourself. It really is crystal clear. It needs to be packaged differently in order to be sold though. And that's what remains elusive. So the war drags on. Clunk, clunk clunk as the armour is tested for flaws.

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