There are two ways you can go about dealing with the world.

You can start with looking after yourself, then your immediate family, expand to your community and hopefully eventually see yourself as part of the world as a whole.

The other way is to start with the global perspective and then work your way down to how to deal with people in your immediate vicinity.

I took the latter approach innately, and got waylaid mainly by the Cold War. Note that the Cold War has not been fully responded to any more than 9/11 has. In both cases it is the underlying ideological conflicts that need to be wrapped up, rather than just their arbitrary instantiations (communism is just one non-humanist dogma among many).

Because of the opposite approach I took, I would be hopeless as a politician who first and foremost needs to deal with local issues. It's also why we shouldn't be leaving global problems to politicians to deal with. What we need is a global force for good in the world.

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