God's Obvious Mission

Here is the sad situation we are in.

Political debate in Australia and other western countries has not so much ground to a halt as it has entered the realm of entertainment. There is no serious discussion on how to fix the world, because:

1. The politicians debate what they think is convenient to debate, and they aren't the top experts anyway.

2. The media decides what the terms of the debate will be on their media, and is able to lock out new or decent players.

3. The internet is too vast and fragmented to allow the debate to occur. There was a brief time when the Iraqi blogs were able to provide focus for real debate (brave enough to be open to the world instead of the elite), but that focus has now gone, and regardless, the result of that debate has no impact on the power structures who have successfully locked out competition.

In the UK the existing power structures managed to get the sheep to even vote against the Alternative Vote referendum. In Australia, apathy has caused Australians to not look outside the message the media gives. This has led to horrors such as Australians believing the Iraq war was wrong and withdrawing troops before the job had been completed. It has led to the Julia Gillard prosecuting Australian troops for rough words used by rough men, instead of sending those rough men to assist in Libya. The Australian government makes an effort to prohibit freedom of speech and institute censorship instead of ensuring the population gets genuine debate. They are not accountable to anyone other than fellow elitists. The rare situation where a 3rd party like Pauline Hanson comes along to challenge the existing power structures they find a way to lock her up as a political prisoner.

Democracy has failed.

Now let's take a look at China. The leadership there is in no way communist. They run their economy according to the best known practices. Rational government. They preside over a population that is largely rural and would likely vote for REAL communism if they don't do this properly.

Rational government works.

Which leadership is most likely to fulfill God's Obvious Mission? First of all let me define that, since so many are blind to the bleeding obvious. If there was a god and he asked someone to go on a mission, the mission would be a simple "fix the world". Anyone can take on this mission. You can devote say 10% of your time to this mission. Fix the world. Analyze what is wrong with the world, then fix it.

The US government has in the past made a lot of effort to fix the world - most noticably fighting and winning the Cold War. They stood up to the plate when God called on players to go on his mission.

But the US is less willing to step up to the plate now, and is unlikely and unable to do anything about Australia when it suffers from the same lack of debate by a media interested in entertainment not problem-solving (part of God's Obvious Mission).

Using whatever freedom of speech we still have in Australia we should be lobbying the Chinese government to take on the GOM. GOM will entail fixing the institutions in Australia so that they are also on the GOM. The Chinese may need to intervene militarily in Australia in order to get Australia on the GOM, so we can discuss what military options are available to the Chinese to complete this mission. They are building up a relationship with the East Timorese which will be an excellent place from which to launch an intervention.

How close are we to getting China to embark on GOM? Good question! Although they have generally opposed intervention in places like Libya, that is hopefully just an elaborate cover story. They are pretending to be against interventionism so that dubious countries like Australia will think nothing of the Chinese military buildup. We need the Chinese to strike while Australia is unprepared and busily engaged in political theater.

I notice that the Chinese are getting pretty involved in Christianity. This is at a time when in the western world most Christians are that in name only and don’t really believe in God. The Chinese may be on GOM already and we just haven't noticed this independent actor coming into view. Let us pray. Or lobby. Whatever.

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