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For the first time in my life, I'm going to have a real poster. I ordered one for $75 that will have "Australia - send air support to Libyan rebels now!". Ironically, it looks like France and Denmark (bless their souls) may make my $75 squandered. Here's how the shakedown went:

2011-02-28 - Incarcerated for the crime of going onto school (that advertises themselves as Good Samaritans) grounds to use their phone to get a lift home.

This kept me mostly off the net as I didn't have adequate Disaster Recovery procedures and the Australian government is a fascist dictatorship.

2011-03-14 - Formally discharged for good behaviour.

2011-03-15 - Went to Sydney University to speak personally to individuals to get them to write to the Australian government. On the surface it seemed like I might have traction.

2011-03-16 - Printed 500 flyers for $50 and handed some out myself before paying $60 to get some lively girls to hand them out instead. Went to town hall meeting but was denied opportunity to speak.

2011-03-17 - No sign of traction from yesterday's activities so paid $75 for a banner.

2011-03-18 - As soon as I get my poster, I'll go to an Arabic area of Sydney to see if my poster inspires some of them to write to the Australian government, since Arabs hate their dictators even more than we do. Will check the internet to find out if any other country has provided air support first. Will repeat exercise on Saturday and then on Sunday there will be a march at 11am so that's another opportunity to get some airtime for my suggested solution. Not really looking forward to protesting alone on Friday and Saturday. Even on Sunday I may get abused/beaten-by-pacifists for supporting western (Australian) intervention. But once again, same old litmus test - if the Libyans are brave enough to face automatic weapons, I have no real option but to brave ridicule/abuse/physical harm of some sort. Hopefully France will step up to the plate so that I don't need to. They are the ones with a professional air force after all. I'm a self-confessed keyboard warrior after all.

P.S. Before 28th Feb there was this activity:


on 20th Feb.

And via Anonymous there were:


on 23rd Feb


on 21st Feb


on 19th Feb.

And the other days prior to incarceration by the Australian dictatorial regime I was writing to places like Germany on 25th Feb:


and making contact with British/Russian/etc contacts to try to get other messages/concepts out into the "mind hive". So I have been requesting real action a long time ago and have no confidence that the Australian dictatorial regime will really step up to the plate any time soon.

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