God Helped Us

With regards to God's recent message, it would seem that that neuroplasticity that she talked about is the subjugator vs non-subjuguator vs anti-subjugator tribal realignment that I felt take place in my brain as soon as I was able to identify that crucial word "subjugate" that I had been missing for decades. My question therefore is why isn't the same brain-changing tribal realignment taking place in others? I used to think that all I needed to do was say "I pledge allegiance to use my brain to fight subjugation of my species - do you?" to trigger off the same brain changes that happened to me.

But I know from emperical results that it didn't happen in others, and that means there is some other crucial factor missing that is preventing the likes of Gaddafi (Libyan dictator) from switching sides. I'll throw it open to God to comment on which ingredient is missing, as it will take me years to plough through her website to see if the answer is already there, while the blood in Libya is probably a matter of a week or so away from being spilt as machines obeying the Laws of Physics decide the new reality, rather than new paradigms in human brains.

I'll continue to hedge my bets by calling for the no-fly zone at the same time as the peaceful solution (ie Gaddafi agreeing to join the tribe of anti-subjugators or at least, non-subjugators) is independently pursued.

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