I had an interesting conversation recently. As you are probably aware, my devotion to Islam can be somewhat compared to a Christian who refuses to stone their own children to death, despite that being written in black and white in the bible - hell, they refuse to even stop eating pork even when that doesn't involve clearly atrocious behaviour that could at least be token conformity to the bible. It could also be compared to Bill Clinton's "I did not have sex with that woman". Quite frankly, I think Clinton was technically correct, and he shouldn't have even needed to appear before court for something like that. Regardless, on the census I put my religion down as Muslim.

Here is the conversation (names changed) ...

indo_muslim: are u moslem?
me: that's a complicated question
me: what is your definition of "muslim"? also, what is your definition of "christian"?
indo_muslim: both of them has different god
me: that doesn't answer my question
me: so without your precise definitions, i can't answer your question
indo_muslim: so, you dont have a faith
indo_muslim: do you believe with the presence of God?
me: yes, there's definitely a god
indo_muslim: are u christian?
me: what is your definition of "christian"?
indo_muslim: christian worship a jesus
me: worship how? going to church? i don't go to church
indo_muslim: so?
indo_muslim: what are u doing?
me: i derive things from the golden rule. i also recognize "love thy enemy" in the bible as supernatural
me: i also recognize that without jihad, i would never have found god
me: so i recognize the importance of jihad
indo_muslim: jihad for what? if you never hav found god
me: no. i DID find god
me: jihad allowed me to find god
me: without jihad, i could not find god
me: jihad is important
indo_muslim: i recognized jihad from moslem people
me: right. that jihad allowed me to find god
indo_muslim: so, you are moslem
me: what is your definition of "muslim"?
indo_muslim: worship to Allah, and believe that Muhammad is prophet of Allah, and also use Al quran for guidance our life
me: to some extent, i do those things

So, how accurate is my claim to be a Muslim? Well enough to satisfy that definition, it seems.

Worship to Allah? Well, I'm impressed by the detailed programming in the computer simulation. Worship? That's not a word I would generally use. I do maintain my religious website in lieu of going to a physical church run by someone who wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the arse.

Believe that Mohammed is a prophet of Allah? Well, I believe that was a deliberate and important part of the setup. My thought processes wouldn't have been directed to the right area if the whole world was Christian nations with just the odd crime within those countries. I would still have been left floundering as to what was causing these damned criminals to attack innocents in Australia. ie what was the fundamental difference between me and an Australian crim, when we went to the same damned schools and the same damned churches? They had something in their genes making them do these things that no-one ever taught them to do (the opposite was in fact taught).

So without the jihadis to give me the huge numbers I needed to investigate (this allowed Al Sadr to come out into the open to see what his alternate political plan was, and what people thought about it) - and without the jihadis to goad America into action in the first place, and force them to fight at a non-nation-state level, I would still be none the wiser about the damned Aussie crims. That doesn't mean I went to all that effort to deal with Aussie crims for personal benefit. Far from it.

So, to some extent, yes, God sent Mohammed (read - "laid out the fake historical evidence of such an entity").

use Al quran for guidance our life? Yes, I do indeed read the violence and permanent-war-waging passages in the Quran as guidance for my life. That forces me to (advocate for) structure the militaries of the free world to defend against such a constant threat, make sure that there are multiple layers of redundancy (e.g. if a left-wing president is in power in the US, we should be able to have right-wing politicians in Germany, France and UK to liberate Iran instead).

So, as always, if you have a definition of "Muslim" that excludes me - GO FOR IT. If you have a definition of "Christian" that excludes me - GO FOR IT. If you have a definition of "non-secular humanist" that excludes me - GO FOR IT. I don't care. Until then, I self-define as a Muslim, especially in reference to the 3 pillars of True (Mu'tazilah) Islam.

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