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Open letter to Bob Katter, independent member for Kennedy, Australian Parliament
cc: Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott

From: Paul Edwards, Sydney, Australia.
Email: mutazilah@gmail.com
Date: 2010-10-04

Dear Sir,

First of all, congratulations on your electoral win on 2010-08-21. Also, thank you for choosing to align with the (centre-right) Liberal Party. As you are aware, when the opportunity arose to bring freedom to Iraq in 2003, the Liberal Party supported that idea, while the Labor Party, apparently with no regard for the institutionalized rape, torture, murder and mutilation of the Iraqi people, opposed it. As soon as they got to power, they withdrew the exemplary Australian military from where (but thankfully at least not when) they were literally needed the most. Obama turned out to have far more staying power than the Australian left-wing.

I would like to request that you use your power as an Australian parliamentarian to make the liberation of more peoples a national priority. There are still a lot of people waiting to be liberated, and so as long as you are liberating someone, I'll be pretty happy. For whatever reason, the popular media tends to focus on countries like Burma. Personally I would prefer that you gave higher priority to the liberation of a nation that is also causing the free world security issues, as Iraq was. Iran, with it's slogan of “Death to USA” is another obvious candidate. The security issues make it far easier to justify the action, because for whatever (immaterial) reason, many people are reluctant to act out of human rights concerns alone.

I note that our Prime Minister is female, so perhaps you could show the attached photo of an Iranian woman in parliament and say something like “as a woman, how can you ignore the plight of this innocent woman?”. Note that this is not a question of (unending) lack of resources. The Iranians have resources already. This oppression of the human spirit is a deliberate and malicious act by the Iranian government. Which makes it illegitimate, without even asking if they were ever legitimate in the first place. I am quite sure that Julia will come up with a laundry list of reasons why she should not deploy the Australian military to eliminate the illegitimate Iranian regime once and for all. That is par for the course. The purpose is not to get Julia to give up the corrupt left-wing ideology. The purpose is to show Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott (both naturally right-leaning independents) just how bankrupt and immoral the left really is, and why they should switch their support, so long as Tony Abbott promises more and immediate liberations.

Note that it is not necessary for Australia to do the entire liberation by itself. Australia can gather together a coalition. From my experience, more people are likely to join an Australian-led coalition than an American one. The coalition doesn't even necessarily need to have America in it. In fact, there's a reasonable chance that America, with a left-wing government in power, will “do a Julia” and bury its head in the sand.

I know you were brave enough to join the Australian Reserve. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being prepared to stand up and be counted. I have the utmost respect for anyone who volunteers to join the army of any member of the free world. I pray that you are equally brave in standing up to the left-wing media. Not just on climate change, but on wars of liberation. If you would like to discuss this further, please email me.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards.


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