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The other day I saw this quote:

"it’s beginning to dawn on those of us who didn’t already know it that we’re not the ones who need to make changes in our beliefs and behaviors".

I have not seen this spelled out before, and it has been one of my many "unvoiced assumptions" that are part of my long line of logic that provide a solution to the world's problems.

The problem is one of OTHER PEOPLE'S BELIEFS. The problem is that other people (communists etc) are insisting that the problems in the world are all created by white anglo-saxon protestants (or variations of that them - male, capitalists).

The solution to this problem of false accusation is not simply to refute it with logic. You cannot solve 9/11 without coming up with a CHANGE IN BELIEFS by those who are hostile towards America etc. Republicans will tend to say "ok, who do we carpet bomb now to solve the problem". That's fine, they at least realise that someone else is at fault, and that action is required. Which is more can be said about the Democrats, who always think the solution is further flogging of the dead horse America.

But ultimately, bombing people is an admission of failure. ie you were unable to solve the problem (what problem?) peacefully, so you were forced to use violence.

All that is fine except for the fact that you did in fact, fail. It's a lot cheaper and more humane to fix the problem peacefully. You need to at least do some root cause analysis to find out the forces that caused that FAILURE.

The Iraqi blogs were the only place that I saw this root cause analysis being done at all. THAT is the importance of the Iraqi blogs. THAT is why the morally correct action in 2003 was to turn up to the Iraqi blogs and try to find a solution to the PROBLEM of needing to go to war. Prior to message 666, I did not know the root cause of what was causing all these "nutcases" to attack (or be hostile towards) America. I didn't know about the jealousy, because other people only value material wealth instead of basing respect on how much you helped others. Basically I didn't know that typical Australian values weren't universal, because we've been told for so long in Australia (with no easy way to disprove it), that other countries were all far better than us, far more tolerant, far more peaceful, far less racist, and that we needed to work very hard to catch up with them. Of course, it was all a pack of lies, and the reverse was resoundingly true. But until I teased it out of the Iraqi blogs, I simply didn't know that Arabs were racist.

Anyway, root cause of the problem is racism, and various other beliefs that people around the world - not just the Middle East - have. If you want to prevent another 9/11 (as opposed to just holding memorial services each anniversary to pretend that you care - note - I didn't bother watching the news on the 9/11 anniversary - because I don't care about damned boring, trite and irrelevant memorials) - you need to actively change beliefs of the guilty parties (guilty of hostility if nothing else - no "love thy enemy" there, anymore than there is in South America - or my Australian school - nor even some sort of self-criticism to determine whether you should make an enemy out of an innocent in the first place, and whether the Jesus whose statue you put on a mountain and lit up would approve of any of this behaviour).

THAT is the basic equation. Either admit failure and attempt to carpet bomb the majority of the world, including huge numbers of Americans - or start changing beliefs. I have a complete solution for anyone in the belief-changing business, including hope of the afterlife, a prophet, the lot. However, you don't need the whole solution. It is enough to spread secular humanism, and what (message 666) can be derived from that with a hell of a lot of effort by an intelligent person given a couple of decades and the right raw data. It didn't need to be me. Some other intelligent person or a government research program like the Manhattan Project could have isolated the human instinct to subjugate and the antidote for such instinct that was making the West successful and allowing NATO to naturally form (to the total bewilderment of the Russians).

In fact, I expect someone else to take over now. There is the whole sales pitch thing to be done now, where you have to start changing the education system in the Middle East etc. That's beyond my friggin job spec, America!!! It's time for you to pull your finger out of your arse. You did the easy bit of bombing the crap out of people using existing technology. I've done the tough bit by advancing theoretical understanding by a friggin mountain. Now the ball is back in your court. Instead of acting on emails from British teenagers by banning them from the US, how about acting on mine, where I explained how to protect you from another 9/11 in terms that were so simple that anyone more intelligent than a Whitehouse aide should have been able to understand. Oh.

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