Democrats did 9/11

After 9/11, even the dumbest of the dumb Democrats had enough functioning neurons to go after the perpetrators. Of course, the direct perpetrators - all 19 of them - were already dead. To make it look like they were doing something, they agreed to go after the financers too. The implication being that if the 19 had simply saved their pocket money up and financed it themselves, that would be the end.

To this day, the Dumbocrats are still so dumb that they can't grasp the fact that it's a whole damned ideology that needs to be terminated with extreme prejudice.

It's an ideology that is prevalent across the entire Middle East. Iraq's the least worst of a very bad bunch. At least the Iraqis manage to actually register on the Richter Scale, with 0.3% voting for Mithal Al Alusi at one election.

Actually the ideology goes way past Afghanistan, past Iraq, past Arabs, past Muslims, and winds up back where it started - the same friggin Democrats in New York in the first place. That's right. The Democrats basically shot themselves in the foot. Note that even professional soldiers manage to do that (by accident). So don't be surprised that people as dumb as Democrats manage to do it too.

I have been reading some comedy of late, and two articles came to my attention. Both articles are humorous in their own context. But they highlight the problem of people being so deranged that they can look at a black object and literally call it white. Just like people bandying around claims about Americans being imperialist. Any time someone makes these claims of imperialism about America, they should be immediately shot down, and called out for the bigots/racists/whatever that they are. So, that's what I'm doing, and then some.

The "some" is that people casting negative aspersions about innocent Americans like that, are directly stoking the fans of terrorism. These terrorists are way too stupid to see the good side of that, ie "hey, if these Americans are willing to self-criticize, they can't be so bad after all, and I'll just concentrate on fixing my own logs in my own eyes instead of commenting further on America". WAY. TOO. STUPID.

And the Democrats themselves are Way Too Stupid to realise what they're doing. And they have surpassed even that, and are into believing their own propaganda. Sure, the propaganda/extreme self-criticism may well have been useful some decades ago. The exact point where it went too far was in Vietnam, where Soviet agents like John Kerry started spreading Soviet propaganda to show how "fair and balanced" they were. And this resulted in the Vietnam showdown being deliberately thrown, meaning poor girls like this were enslaved for years by the communists before being able to escape to the free west.

Fortunately, whatever else you may say about Obama, he's at least smarter than pretty much everyone who voted for him. He basically said "vote for me and I'll throw Iraq", and the treacherous Democrats did exactly that. Obama then subtly turned around and said "you treacherous pricks don't deserve the time of day, and I'm not going to throw Iraq like I promised". I don't have a problem at all with what he said. Again, what he did was strategic. He says the words "It's well known that he and I disagreed about the war from its outset", but in his deeds, he didn't put a foot wrong. It's not like voting against the war would actually do real harm at the time or anything, and he built up his anti-war street cred, ready to sucker-punch the morons who voted for him.

Maybe even all that association with Mr God Damn America was all a subterfuge too. Again - when the chips were down and the freedom of 27 million Iraqis was in the balance - Obama was there. The American people and the Australian people had abandoned our Iraqi allies. But one leftist politician - of similar caliber to Tony Blair - stood the course. And the course was good. Just like Bush said - as the Iraqis stand up, we will stand down.

Obviously it would have been nicer if the Iraqis had stood up quicker. I honestly didn't think it would take this long. But you have to live with the cards you were dealt. It could have been a whole lot worse as well as a whole lot better.

The important thing is that Iraq gave us our first glimpse of Iraqi Republicans. That's the toe-hold we needed - that was being suppressed under Saddam. We've still got a lot of work to do to expand that toe-hold, but it's there, and it's protected by freedom of speech. They tried to arrest Al Alusi, and the courts threw out the charges. Alusi can talk. And we can reply. Doesn't need to be to him personally. We have people like the Iraqi bloggers to talk to instead.

That's the great thing about a democracy. You can talk to the people who are strongly aligned with the government to find out what their motives are. Predominantly the pro-war are basically into crushing the skulls of enemies. But the neocons like me are there too. People who think that Iraqis, Iranians etc should at least have the same protection as American cats and dogs. Or whales in international waters. The fact that whales get more international protection, more lobbying of the government by ratbags like Greenpeace, than bona fide Iraqi humans, ranks up there with the low points that humanity has reached.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem protecting whales. Or dogs. I want laws to protect them too. And indeed, protecting American dogs is achievable and practical, so it should definitely be done! I had incorrectly assumed for decades that the only reason there wasn't an RSPCI (to protect Iraqis) was because there was nothing we could realistically do at the time, so it was pointless to have such an organization. The opportunity came in 2003 (ie all the ducks were in a row that allowed us to get in with a semi-plausible excuse that would limit the warfare to just that one country), and at that time I expected all the RSPCI closet members to stand up and shout "freedom" in unison.

Didn't happen. Shocked me to my core. Caused me to think like I've never thought before to try to crack the riddle of what was making me a member of the RSPCI, but not my coworkers born and raised in the same damned country as me. It's almost like the US Democrats are some sort of glorified disease that has infected them.

Anyway, I call them out for what they are. Bigots. Plain and simple. Anti-American bigots. People that have an a priori negative opinion of a group of people - and not because of anything they said or did. If any group of people on this planet deserves the benefit of the doubt, it's the Americans. And I'm not suggesting that there is any doubt in the first place. Go speak to a pro-war American and you can personally meet the skull-crushers and the human rights defenders. Good luck finding someone who did it for some "free" (if you consider nearly hundreds of billions of dollars to be free) Iraqi oil. Even if you do manage to find one (ie one individual, we both know you won't actually get 1% of the American people) like that - what do we call people who judge all Americans by one American - BIGOTS. That's right boys and girls. Bigots.

And there's your enemy folks. Bigots of all stripes. Sexists, racists, religious bigots. A few more enemy factions too. Really, why hasn't anyone thought to write down all this stuff? ie a comprehensive list of enemies, so we know who needs to be defeated to prevent another 9/11, and to usher in the ever-elusive World Peace? Just write it down already!!! Surely the list of enemies is obvious? I mean, it took me 25 years to derive, but I'm "sure" there's people far smarter than me out there who could have written it down like 25 minutes after 9/11, so that Bush could have announced it in his first post-9/11 speech? Surely no-one would rely on me spending 25 years to do it the hard way, just on the off-chance that these super-smart people far smarter than me didn't actually exist (after all, I'd never actually met one personally - but I don't get out much, so that could explain that)? Oh well. My version is still sitting there. Still dated Sept 11 (2004). If you're having trouble finding it, scroll down - it's in position 666. Can't miss it. But remember, you've never heard of the number 666 before in your entire life, so that's of no significance. And you've never heard of Sept 11 before in your entire life either. So that's not significant either. Just an ordinary message number, on an ordinary date, and the contents are ordinary too - it only took me 25 years to derive because I'm a slow learner, no because it's the most important bit of philosophy in the history of mankind, or anything crazy like that! You'll probably find the same thing laid out in Chinese fortune cookies if you look hard enough. So all we need to do is convince the Saudis and Palestinians to buy like 10 flied lices and World Peace is a dead cert.

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