It Really was about Oil

As anyone who ever listened to an anti-war moron for more than 20 seconds can tell you, they are obsessed with oil.

The reason that they opposed the war was not because they hated Arabs and loved the thought of a cruel sadistic dictator like Saddam murdering, torturing, raping and mutilating 27 million enslaved Arabs.

No, it really was because they were hoping that their anti-war position would pay off after the war was over, and that the Iraqis would feel humiliated by America and do their darndest to prove that they were independent (cf Canada, France, Rudd, etc etc) by refusing to do business with any pro-war country.

And it worked. It actually worked. While I personally couldn't give a rat's arse about China getting oil contracts, it's apparently all the anti-war care about. Well, I hope they're satisfied. But I would prefer it was done more honestly next time. We'll just sign a contract with China, France etc to say that they can have all the oil contracts (or Gin Seng contracts when it's North Korea's turn) for the next decade, and they allow a UN resolution to go through authorizing the war, which makes our life much easier, because there's a large number of morons in the world who consider the UN to be some sort of authority, no matter how many dictators are in it. That way everyone's happy. The Koreans et al get to be free, the Chinese and other scumbag dictators get the oil contracts, we get rid of a threat, and get to see the happy (or relieved) faces of the newly-liberated (e.g. see the Korean "comfort women" after WWII).

Do we have a deal, lefties? A sense of satisfaction for us, freedom for the enslaved, and oil/gin seng/banana contracts for you.

YES WE CAN, left-wing scum, YES WE CAN.

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