Bring It On

Ah, finally we've got the terrorists' attention. What a shame it happened on Rudd's shift instead of Howard's.

The worldview that came up with this statement:

"Your army kills innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel takes Palestinian land by force."

came head to head with the worldview that pricks like him killed innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel.

The clash of worldviews this time took place in Melbourne instead of Baghdad, but it's the exact same war on the exact same planet.

People keep complaining about the misnomer "War on Terror". What would you rather call it? War on Stupid Worldviews Held By Dogmatic Individuals?

The important thing is the concept. The concept is that this is an ideological war, being fought worldwide, much like communism was in fact, and ideologies do not stop at national boundaries. (Unless you have an ideology that is in fact - stop at national boundaries - an artificial and relatively recent (in human history) innovation). The other important concept is that if you wish to attack our American or Afghan or Iraqi or Israeli allies - you can do it over our dead bodies - literally.

I wish all Australians shared that view, but sadly, not all Australians have souls. However, sufficient Australians had souls, and know what it's like to have something worth dying for, that Howard was elected for long enough to be able to stick it in the terrorists' eyes.

And that's a good thing.

Bring it on.

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