Change We Can Believe In

Well, I certainly didn't expect Obama to usher in any "change we can believe in". I mean, he opposed the real change in Iraq. Fundamental and radical change in the world. So what could he possibly have of any interest?

Well, what a shock it was to see him say what needed to be said for decades. Here is a window into the truth:

"But that's not a reason to get bad grades, that's not a reason to cut class, that's not a reason to give up on your education and drop out of school".

You'd think it would be obvious, but apparently not. Imagine that. A politician with the guts to tell blacks to take personal responsibility for their own crimes/mistakes/faults instead of trying to lay everything on the nearest white scapegoat. The closest Bush could manage was mentioning "the soft bigotry of low expectations". He didn't have the guts to speak the truth to racist blacks.

Quite frankly I never expected Obama to do that after this crap at election time. Honestly, the response from Cold Fury is like poetry. Once again we have a continuation of the exact same clash of worldviews.

"The idiotic radical premises underlying the question are unleavened balderdash, based on moonbat conspiracy theories, paranoia, and, frankly, plain old horseshit."

"They just aren’t listening, and they never will be; they’re unpersuadable on any point that conflicts with their fossilized prejudices, and it’s just not worth a moment’s bother."

I must say that it took me years to get that myself. I was convinced that people would change their view if I could isolate the point of dispute down to an easily-digestable piece of logic.

Unfortunately I overestimated humans. The wall-to-wall dogma in their brains is completely and utterly impenetrable.

Oh well, at least computers respond to logic, so I've been kicking arse back in my traditional campaign (producing a more efficient computer industry - or at least, putting the fundamentals of the same out there so that people can adopt it if they want - basically the equivalent of message 666 for the World Peace that people pretend to want, and like to pretend that "World Non-combat" is the same thing).

I'll blog about that one day, now that the essentials are pretty much wrapped up and I'm not expecting much more for basically the rest of my life. It's all basically been done and there's just variations/refinements to go on top of it in a process of continual refinement. Not much different from the Holy Book of Mu'tazilah in fact. Essentials in place already. Plenty of room for improvement, but the fundamentals are pretty sound.

Basically if you want to fix the world, you need a plan. I now have a plan for World Freedom, World Peace, human rights, global village, global computing. It's all a lot different from what Marx came up with, but it's basically the alternative blueprint. The fact that Marx got millions of passionate followers, while I didn't? Well, history can explain that one. Poor old Churchill couldn't even get the bloody Brits to *vote* for him after he just saved the friggin planet. What can I say? Could be worse. He could have been put under house arrest like poor old Galileo. Aya aya aya.

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