Iranian Allies

It's very frustrating to look at something like this and be unable to do anything.

Most of the pricks of the world will say this is an internal Iranian matter and we should not interfere. The hell we shouldn't. You can see towards the end these people saying "we want freedom" - in English no less. If Obama gave a damn about these people he would send the 100,000 troops west of their location eastwards. He doesn't. Unfortunately, very few in the world genuinely care and see this as nothing more than TV entertainment.

For all the tragedy in Iran, it was only a shadow of the gruesomeness of Iraq. And we can't even get people to agree to liberate Iraq. It'd be "nice" to think that the people who opposed the liberation of Iraq were only racist against Arabs, or better yet, Iraqi Arabs, and as such, wouldn't object to the liberation of Iran (and North Korea, Africa, etc etc). But, like the millions of dead innocent South Vietnamese, they don't give a damn. Maybe if the TV was blaring out "hey, dead South Vietnamese actually matter", they would "care". But since the liberal media likes to be very selective in who they "care" about, all apparently aimed at "proving" that capitalism doesn't work so that they can usher in a imaginary socialist paradise similar to the imaginary Islamic paradise, that isn't about to happen.

Now we have these beautiful Iranians under fire. No weapons with which to free them, because they're all tied up by left-wing racists like Rudd. And this is at the top of the pile. The Turks could do the job too, but the racism there is ten-fold anything that Rudd can muster.

There are no options I know of available until the racist left in the Anglophone countries are defeated. Obviously the same could be done in any other country too, but these are the ones with the most chance of some semblance of morality being found.

Until then, the most likely outcome of this is that the TV footage will allow our Iranian allies to be rounded up one by one and thrown in jail for years, subject to any amount of torture, to which no-one will give a damn about.

I hope none of these uncaring westerners entertain ridiculous thoughts of going to Heaven or something like that. You had your chance, right here, right now. You chose TV entertainment watching brown people getting killed by other brown people. When all that was asked of you was that you one way or another ask for Iran to be liberated the same way that Iraq rightfully was. There is zero risk to you here. There are volunteers trained and waiting to do the deed. All you need to do is give them permission to move. But instead, you're more concerned about nasty words from left-wing racist scum. True cowardice. Scared of friggin words. The only thing you need to deal with personally.

And to the decent right-wing people in the world - please don't nuke Tehran. You will hit all those allies you see running on the street. All you instead need to do is give them the appropriate weaponry and air cover, and trust me, they will attack our mutual enemies with a passion you can't imagine since you haven't been oppressed for decades. Take the feelings of 9/11 and multiply them 10 times and then unleash our Iranian allies.

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