Pacifisim Rules, if that's OK with you

As you can see from this bit of news, there's no need for war. If you simply treat dictators who rape, murder and mutilate their citizens with the respect they deserve, you'll soon have them eating out of your hand. No need for old-fashioned things like war. Those sort of things belong in a different age, and are always done by BAD PEOPLE. Can't have that! The occasional violence when some Republican supporter gets out of his car in a Democrat area is fine, but anything beyond that is beyond the pale. What's important in today's world is peace, or at least, absence of war, which for those short of neurons is just as good. The only possible downside I can think of is that some brown-skinned people continue to be raped, murdered and mutilated. But since when have brown-skinned people been of any use whatsoever except as a tool for lazy white people to use to help extract money from hard-working white people? Students (*) and workers unite in revolution!

(*) Hopefully before I complete my Arts degree and become a dole bludger so that I still qualify.

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