I watched with horror this video today. Basically Lebanese immigrants in Australia boasting about how they're at war with non-Lebanese Australians. From a purely tactical point of view, they shouldn't be letting everyone know their plans. Regardless, the solution is not the mindless "education" that various people offer as an alternative to war. They've probably all had an Australian education. Nor is it a matter of teaching people English. These are probably all native English-speakers. So what's happening?

This is a large part of what the Iraq war was about. We needed a larger body of people to try to find out what was going on. Are these Arab Muslims all numbnuts worshipping thugs like Saddam because of loyalty to skin colour? So we got to Iraq and were finally able to ask "why do you numbnuts like Saddam?". And we got our answer - "not all of us do, numbnut - only the racist left-wing in your country could believe that a population of 27 million spoke with one voice".

So we were finally able to see divergent Arab Muslim opinion. And some of them were far different from the people in that video. And that's despite decades of attempted indoctrination from the likes of Saddam. Just like the Poles who wouldn't give an honest answer about their thoughts until they had a secret ballot.

Anyway, the answer is now available for anyone who wants to solve the problem. It isn't that complicated. People have a natural tendency to coalesce by race. The trouble is - that doesn't get you very far. Any further than you get if you say you're in the human race. Because we have genetic differences right down to the individual. You're effectively a different race from your own sister. And even if you weren't, you will have disputes even with your own sister anyway. I was reading about a girl in Iraq who wasn't allowed to marry the guy she wanted to, so she turned her brother and father in to Saddam for saying anti-Saddam things.

Basically it's a fool's game. These people are pretending that they are united Lebanese. Actually if you go to Lebanon, there's no unity there either - there's an on and off civil war. And most want to escape that hell-hole. Lebanon is no more united than Australia is. The people in that video are Australians, yet they are fighting other Australians. Just as Iraqis are fighting Iraqis. The loyalty is only to the Lebanese flag so long as they're not actually IN Lebanon! Then they'll suddenly split into their respective sects etc and start fighting each other. In the Iraqi blogs I was talking to a Kurd who was explaining to me how when the Saudis come over, it's not enough to just answer "Sunni" when asked for religion. They then want to know the subset of that. And they'll keep paring that down until they find something different and then start hating you because you're the wrong religion!

I'd like to say "enter Christianity to the rescue" where Christians are meant to love even their enemy, nevermind completely innocent people who happen to be of a different religion. But of course, Christianity has no track record of that either. We can see super-Catholics in Ireland singing anti-British songs instead of kumbiyah. And during the recently Lebanon war I got to talk directly to so-called Christians asking them why they pretended to be Christian instead of admitting that they were Nazis wanting to exterminate Jews. As far as I can tell, people calling themselves Christians are only doing so because they were indoctrinated to do that as a child and are scared to be anything else. Even though they are exactly "anything else" - usually vicious animals.

There is another alternative - secular humanism. But it's not enough to channel the aggression you see in that video. That is raw male testosterone talking. They need to fight. See the guns there. The Australian education system didn't teach them that guns were glorious. It's innate. They want to subjugate. They want to prove themselves. The trick is to point them at something other than non-brown people. Point them at the Saddams of the world. Which is exactly what they are themselves. So it requires them to fight their own instinct as well. Anything else is way too late. You don't want to leave it to the police to catch them committing human rights abuses. You want them to internalize the fight against human rights abuses. Turn THEM into policemen! And do it systematically rather than just getting 27 million Iraqis and seeing how many of them turned out that way under their own steam.

Basically the philosophy that causes the Iraqi security forces to ally with Australian Diggers is the same philosophy that will solve the problem in that video. That philosophy is message 666. Solution has been available for 4 years. But no-one's particularly interested so the race war continues with people whinging and doing everything EXCEPT solving the problem. And I know from personal experience that I had no way of deriving 666 without the Iraq war. I couldn't have figured out what was in my genes that was the same as those guys on the video, but being ideologically suppressed. Without the Iraq war so that I could watch raw humanity fighting. Not America vs Iraq, where there was no genuine conflict. But Iraqi vs Iraqi. Good vs bad. Ideology vs ideology. Scary and beautiful at the same time.

P.S. Merry Christmas

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