Sweatshops for the Pope

I saw a great article here about sweatshop labour. It's short and succinct so may as well read the whole thing.

But the thing that really gets me is this line:

"He apparently did not ask, or care, what happened to them after they lost their jobs."

REALLY gets me. REALLY REALLY gets me.

These scumbag union officials are willing to sacrifice teenage girls in the Honduras to increase their union dues. And no-one cares what happens to the poor girls as they wind up in the second-best job that was available to them. It's hard enough getting a good job in the first world, nevermind closing off options in the 3rd world.

And it reminds me of the Pope and assorted Catholics who pretend to care about single-celled organisms. They don't give a rat's arse AFTER they are born and they end up in a family that can't afford them or particularly want them in the first place, and they end up with miserable choices. Sure, some may end up OK, but usually there was a reason for someone to decide that abortion was the option - preventing the question of outcome even being relevant.

And it also reminds me of the anti-war people who pretend to care about the Iraqis who lost their lives during the 2003 Iraq war and any subsequent violence. They don't give a damn about all the ones killed by Saddam. They only care about ones that they think they can pin on a white guy. And the whole concept of Iraqis paying a price for their freedom, as other countries have done in the past (including Britain withstanding Nazi bombing rather than surrender or even sign a peace deal) isn't even an option.

And finally, all of this reminds me of the fact that there's not a single protest going on outside the Iranian embassies or outside the US embassy demanding the immediate liberation of Iran. At the end of the day, there's only a handful of people who genuinely care.

Finally the article concludes with "Someone who intentionally gets you fired is not your friend.". Again, I wouldn't mind so much if people were forcibly fired from one job and this was followed up with better employment. And I wouldn't mind if the Pope forced a child to be born and then provided economic assistance to that person for the entirety of their lives. But the fire/forced-birth and forget ideology is one of the sickest on the planet.

If you don't genuinely care about other people's suffering, fine, be a sociopath, it's your right to do so and I don't want to take it away. But at least make sure that it's considered anti-social and such sociopaths are held in low esteem and at least don't contribute to or be responsible for that suffering by firing people or introducing absurd and untested social experiments like communism onto others.

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