Bet on Black

At the Height of Hypocrisy awards, I bring you Afghan Lord's latest post. He says that Martin Luther King's dream has come true. Leaving aside for the moment the fact that King was an opportunistic hypocritical filthy racist who thought that yellow Vietnamese people didn't deserve freedom, and that commie gulags were more suited for them, the words that he spoke, and that 50% of white people actually mean - ie people's skin colour should not be relevant, his entire judgement of Obama is based on skin colour!

No analysis of policy required - just look at his skin!!! Cool! Nevermind that it was a Republican that gave him freedom of speech, not a damn Democrat (and I say that to diss all Democrats, not just black ones, and not just Obama - in case any Democrats feel left out or sumfin). When pressed, he talks of Obama bringing change. Actually, it was Bush who brought change to his damned country, and if you want change, you can perhaps simply vote e.g. for an Afghan president who supports Israel, or who is a Buddhist instead of a Muslim (the Afghan constitution requires the president to be Muslim). And when Bush was bringing radical change to Iraq, and indeed the Middle East, by replacing wall to wall cruel dictatorship with a beacon of democracy - Obama OPPOSED the change.

So there we have it. I really had higher hopes for Americans. There's a thing called the "Bradley Effect". White people are so scared of being called racists all the time, that they're afraid to admit that they're going to vote for a white candidate when a black one is available. You'd think that level of intimidation wouldn't carry across to the ballot box - and indeed, it didn't, as Bradley found out on the day. I assumed that with the heightened level of horror that Obama stands for, Americans would exercise their freedom of thought at least at the ballot box. But no. Now they're not only afraid to speak out against a racist black when one stands right in front of them - standing for everything that America doesn't - they're now even afraid to THINK that way. America has truly lost its soul when it doesn't have the balls to even vote down a racist, nevermind use its military to go kick some dictator's arse when they are like 500 times stronger than their opponent, in case some lefty says something nasty. This is where the real cowardice is. Being afraid of nasty words and being unpopular with the nasty socialists.

Anyway, the solution is simple, and obvious. While ever Americans remain pro-black racists, the Republicans should never field anyone for president that isn't a black female. Yes, it's discrimination. But for the same reason the world's first democracy (Iceland) couldn't refuse to trade with any dictatorships 1000 years ago, the Republicans can't afford to stay out of office while America and the free world turns to shit, insisting that they choose candidates in their normal colour-blind fashion. You need to treat this as war. Put your best black female forward. The Republicans can easily find a reasonably decent black such as Condi. It doesn't matter whether she's had much political experience - a smarmy brat like Obama just thumped a Vietnam vet for my sake.

We'll get King's voiced (but not practiced) dream one day. As you can probably tell, that's my dream too. That means no more feminazis. No more blacks getting a free pass for their gross unchecked racism (which ultimately, they end up being the biggest victims of - as they wind up in jail and/or poverty because of this carefully cultivated (by left-wing scum who use blacks as cannon fodder in their attempt to bring down capitalism) hostility). And we'll also have every damn dictator replaced by a liberal democracy, completing Iceland's dream. And my dream too. Very different from Obama and Lennon's dream/nightmare.

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