The Real War

I had a online chat too good to not post in full because of it's total and utter relevancy and honesty. I've only changed the name and fixed some spelling mistakes and some messages that were out of sequence because we were both typing at the same time. The person I am talking to is an Arab Israeli (20% of Israel is ethnic Arabs) who I have been chatting to for years. This guy is relatively reasonable. I've chatted to lots of Arabs and few of them would admit that their source of news isn't definitive as this guy does. However, it is pretty scary that this guy, who supports a continuation of Hitler's policies, is the top of the pile.

But the best thing is that this guy clarifies where the real war is. People like Foddy like to pretend that there's no war, and that we should all stick our heads in the sand like him. But this Arab knows there's a real war, and he's trying hard to win that war. What I have done is clarify what the war is, or should be. A simple Christian & Jew vs Muslim war was no good to me. It didn't give me, as an atheist, an opportunity to blow someone's brain out to make the world a better place. Nor did it give Alaa, Sarmad etc the same opportunity. Nor did it make Australian rapists a target. So below you will find this Arab Muslim's perspective of the war, plus my own perspective.

Paul Edwards: what would you like to talk about today?
arab israeli: US election.
Paul Edwards: ok. who do you support?
arab israeli: Barach Obama,because he wants peace and supports evacuation of thr US`s troop from Iraq.What about you?

*** Here he pretends to want peace. Note the endorsement for Obama here. A bit like endorsing Chamberlain, hoping that Hitler gets the green light to gas Jews. Literally. (see below). Remember that - terrorists support the Democrats.

Paul Edwards: peace? you mean non-combat

Paul Edwards: why do you want US troops out of Iraq?
arab israeli: Because they aggravate the situation there.
Paul Edwards: what makes you think they are aggravating it?
arab israeli: watching TV ,reading newspaper and listening to radio you will find out that US troop humiliate Iraqis and kill innocent people.
Paul Edwards: rubbish. how many innocent people were deliberately killed by US troops?
Paul Edwards: did you get their names? did you report it to the Iraqi police and media?
Paul Edwards: did they have their day in court?
Paul Edwards: were they convicted?
Paul Edwards: Or did in fact YOU make up a LIE about the US?
Paul Edwards: Or repeat a lie from the Arab media?
Paul Edwards: I bet the Israeli TV didn't make that false claim
arab israeli: I did not lie, I just said what AL Jazeera reports.
Paul Edwards: yes, you repeated Al Jazeera's lies
Paul Edwards: even after i told you that it was pure propaganda
Paul Edwards: you prefer to live in a world of Arab lies
Paul Edwards: rather than watch Israeli TV

arab israeli: they obsecure the facts.
Paul Edwards: who obscures the facts?
arab israeli: Israeli TV channels
Paul Edwards: rubbish
Paul Edwards: it's al jazeera that does that
arab israeli: they report that they want
Paul Edwards: it's al jazeera that reports what they want - complete lies
Paul Edwards: and because you're a racist, you prefer to stick with the racist Arabs

arab israeli: If it lies why US doesn`t convict them?
Paul Edwards: convict who?
arab israeli: Al jazeera staff
Paul Edwards: which law did they break?
Paul Edwards: and did they break it while on US territory?
arab israeli: freedom of speach
arab israeli: ok
arab israeli: but that`s not
Paul Edwards: how did they break freedom of speech?
arab israeli: that`s distortion
Paul Edwards: what's distortion?
arab israeli: not freedom of speach
Paul Edwards: is it illegal to distort?
Paul Edwards: many americans say that the US government did 9/11
Paul Edwards: should those americans be arrested?
Paul Edwards: something like 30% of the US population

arab israeli: so what about the real pictures they exhibit?
arab israeli: They also deniable?
Paul Edwards: tell me what you see EXACTLY?
arab israeli: US troop shooting toward a car ,allegedly the claim that they are terrorists.
Paul Edwards: ok, and how fast was the car going?
Paul Edwards: and what sort of warnings had the US given?
Paul Edwards: was that shooting actually warning shots?
arab israeli: real shot
arab israeli: and killing a whole family
Paul Edwards: you saw them shoot into the car and then in that exact car you saw the dead people?
arab israeli: No
arab israeli: I saw the corpses when they were carried by people going to cemetary
Paul Edwards: how do you know the corpses belonged to the car that the americans were shooting at?
arab israeli: I have no proof

*** An extraordinary admission from an Arab. Willing to question their own beliefs.

Paul Edwards: well, that answers your question about "what about the real pictures they exhibit"

arab israeli: But it is irrational for Al Jazeera to lies
Paul Edwards: it's not irrational
Paul Edwards: the only way Al Jazeera can sell it's position is to lie
Paul Edwards: they string together an American shooting, with any corpse anywhere, and put across a message that racist Arabs like you love to hear
arab israeli: It is natural to be LITTLE racist

*** Here he has admitted that racism is natural. He can feel it coursing through his body.

Paul Edwards: yes it is
Paul Edwards: however, people like me and most in the west have adopted an IDEOLOGY of being anti-racist
Paul Edwards: that ideology is overriding our natural tendency to be racist
Paul Edwards: and that is what allows us to ally with all sort of people
Paul Edwards: Japanese, South Koreans, Turks, Iraqis, Afghans
Paul Edwards: and that is why you have difficulty creating allies
Paul Edwards: and why you will ultimately lose

arab israeli: jews are extremely racist

*** Now he is projecting his own racism onto Jews.

arab israeli: and they are not
Paul Edwards: rubbish
Paul Edwards: Arabs are the ones who are racist
Paul Edwards: you are projecting your own racism on to them
Paul Edwards: that's why you support Palestinian terrorists instead of the IDF

arab israeli: read this
arab israeli: http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/6912B81B-AB7B-4B30-8D26-03E8C259A15B.htm
Paul Edwards: i've read the first bit of it
Paul Edwards: what about it?
arab israeli: Bin laden support waging war against Israel
arab israeli: And I support that
Paul Edwards: yes. most racist arabs support that
Paul Edwards: yes, because you are an evil racist and religious bigot, you support attacking jews
arab israeli: Look
Paul Edwards: you will be defeated
Paul Edwards: i will personally put a bullet in your brain

arab israeli: It is right that israel has invaded palestine is force?
Paul Edwards: it did no such thing
Paul Edwards: that's your lie
arab israeli: 1948
Paul Edwards: 1948 it did not invade anyone
Paul Edwards: it seceded from the UK
arab israeli: US(New land) was once a land for red indians right?
Paul Edwards: by the way, if you think invasion is bad, what do you think of all of Mohammed's invasions?
Paul Edwards: there was no country called the US until 1788
Paul Edwards: Columbus more "immigrated" rather than invaded.
Paul Edwards: regardless, even if it was an invasion, so what?
Paul Edwards: do you equally condemn all the Arab and Muslim invasions?
Paul Edwards: including Mohammed's
Paul Edwards: Iraq was certainly invaded by the US

arab israeli: Why colombus and other poeple invaded america while it belings to other people?
arab israeli: why it seems terrorist action to Bin laned to invaed Israel by force and establish and Islamic country?
Paul Edwards: answer my question
Paul Edwards: do you equally condemn all the Arab and Muslim invasions? including mohammed's
arab israeli: no
Paul Edwards: why not? double standards?

*** The Arabs/Muslims love to talk about double standards, while completely ignoring their own.

arab israeli: If you are strong enough you will tend to invade more land

*** Look at this. He has correctly identified human's natural tendency - it's coursing through his blood. This is nature at it's purest. Predatory. That's how we evolved. (or at least, that's what the simulation is designed to look like, and where you will get the best clues).

Paul Edwards: so why are you complaining about columbus and israel?
Paul Edwards: double standards?
arab israeli: I compain why you think that bin laden is terrorist because he wants to invade israel
Paul Edwards: he's not a terrorist for invading israel
Paul Edwards: he's a terrorist for killing american civilians on 9/11
arab israeli: it is the islamic land and arab land
Paul Edwards: it's Jewish land
Paul Edwards: actually, it's Israeli land
Paul Edwards: regardless of religion

*** [or race]

arab israeli: we should collect our power and to retrieve it

*** This is why we need to act now. We won't necessarily be stronger than the enemy in the future, but we definitely are now. Chamberlain could have defeated Hitler when he was weak too. This is their real plan. Mohammed's plan. Build up strength and then attack. And the same way that Churchill was outnumbered by pacifists, we may be outnumbered today too. It's difficult to tell.

Paul Edwards: I think we should collect our power and kill all racist Arabs like you
Paul Edwards: kill all Muslim religious bigots like you too
arab israeli: Osama bin laden have the right to invade israel
Paul Edwards: I have the right to kiill you
arab israeli: you never
Paul Edwards: i have more right to kill racist religious bigots than bin laden does to attack a non-racist democracy

*** Here's a fundamental part of my philosophy that the enemy would not accept. They instead accept the reverse.

arab israeli: one day palestine will be again established and jewa will be discriminated and humiliated as we are now.

*** He imagines he is discriminated against and humiliated. What he plans for Jews is REAL discrimination ...

Paul Edwards: no. one day racists like you will be wiped off the face of the earth
Paul Edwards: and religious bigots like you
arab israeli: We, and I specially, will punish him harshly if I can, as hitler did.

*** as in, following Hitler exactly.

Paul Edwards: and I will punish you harshly first
arab israeli: We will see who will be the winner
Paul Edwards: yes we will
Paul Edwards: let's see your OOB

*** I was hoping he would ask what an OOB was (Order of Battle) and then have a good laugh at what the racist Arabs/religiously-bigotted Muslims were going to put up against the free world.

arab israeli: Iran and al Qaeda and muslim or the israel
Paul Edwards: anti-racists or racists
Paul Edwards: anti-religious bigots or religious bigots
Paul Edwards: subjugators or anti-subjugators
arab israeli: name them as you like and as you think
Paul Edwards: non-humanists or anti-non-humanists
Paul Edwards: i did

*** I redefined the war on MY terms rather than his simplistic (but natural) terms.

arab israeli: I think Israel should be wiped out of the map
Paul Edwards: and i think racists should be wiped off the map
Paul Edwards: this is why we have war
Paul Edwards: let's see your OOB
arab israeli: Bin Laden: 'Not a single inch of Palestine will be given up as long as there is one true Muslim on earth' [EPA]
Paul Edwards: Paul: not a single racist will be allowed to walk on earth so long as there is one true anti-racist on earth
Paul Edwards: God: no religious bigot will be given a single inch of Heaven. Or Earth.

Brutal honesty. That's why we have wars folks. The most peacenicks will give you is temporary non-combat and ultimate enslavement of your children. Don't let it happen. Declare war, at least amongst the citizenry. It is not strategic for our governments to declare war. But we can tell it like it is and vote for a government that manages to trot out some excuse for the next invasion.

After war comes true peace. If you really want peace, and I really do want peace, then kill the enemy first.

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