I bet you think from the topic that this is going to be about Bush throwing away many decades of the US building trust with the world by not throwing its weight around and not being dishonest when it signed up to UNSC 1244, right? Wrong. As tragic as that may be, and a reminder that we must work towards a world where the NATO forces sans America are stronger than America alone, that is not what this post is about.

I was chatting to someone about the fact that we can win a war in Iraq, by any reasonable military measure you care to use, but because the left-wing media refuses to admit it, individuals don't dare go against what their TV set says. We were talking about a fellow Australian in fact. And while ever 51% of Australians are like this person, we are basically stuck. Rolling out Iraqi and Afghan bloggers doesn't have the effect we need. We need the left-wing media to put out a different message. And that is when I remembered this article.

It explains an important part of the puzzle. How the left-wing media came into being on the back of the Vietnam War. How they managed to turn Vietnam into their Orwellian worldview and don't dare question the possibility that they were wrong all along and that they need to face up to the horror of what they did. Or to use the author's own words - "More simply put, by electing John Kerry it allows a generation to escape its malfeasance in the defense of liberty."

One thing I love about the Anglophones is that we actually have people THINKING. Trying to explain these various phenomenom as a step towards finding an antidote. All we need now is a Manhattan Project II to tie it all in together.

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