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Sorry for the very long delay between posts. I did engage in the comments section a bit though. I'll tell you what I've been up to in another post.

The day of reckoning with American religious bigots who do things like persecute atheists will come another day. And of American right-wing scum who go on protests against abortion instead of going on 5 million protests about real live Iranian girls being raped by their own government before even CONSIDERING "rights" for single-celled organisms. And for so-called "Christians" who objected to Clinton liberating Kosovo because it wasn't in the "national interest" (I'd like to see the bit in the bible that says to not help those beyond the artificial borders of your nation-state - I know the bit that says "love your enemy" though - and the Kosovars weren't even enemies).

However, technically the above people aren't really violating anyone else's human rights, at least not directly, or at least, they have been prevented from violating a woman's right to choose so far.

Let's concentrate on protecting innocent Americans. While I'm not sure the above Americans are innocent, they're not the ones I really want to protect. The Americans I want to protect are the same as the Iraqis I want to protect. People who aren't trying to violate other's rights. People who just want to work hard to make a living. People who support the protection of other's human rights. E.g. people like Batman trying to spread democracy even to arseholes like the Pakistanis. Or people like Ali Fidhal who was overjoyed about having been freed from state-slavery. Prior to actually having Ali's name, I would just have an idealized picture of a freedom-loving person in each country in the world, and work towards protecting him. Actually, I think it's better to work with the abstract person. Better yet, an abstract woman. Women fit in better with our culture as I've heard too many American men say that Iraqi etc men need to overthrow their government themselves (albeit technically impossible) instead of being cowards. However if I say "let's accept that the Iraqi men are cowards, what about the women?" they are more likely to relent. It's for reasons like that that I prefer to concentrate on the rape of Iraqi women rather than the far more numerous, and worse, mass graves.

So anyway, for now, just concentrate on the enemy at hand. Yes, in your friggin "national interest". It should be obvious to all except America's enemies (hell, it's even obvious to them, they just pretend it isn't), that a dictatorship with a nuclear program and an of official policy of "Death to USA" is perhaps an enemy and that it is in America's national interest to eliminate its enemies. There are many other strategic benefits to get Iran next. But let's concentrate on an openly hostile government.

I can remember watching a documentary on Turkey during WWII. They were very careful to make it clear they were neutral to avoid giving Hitler an excuse to attack. Didn't help the other neutrals, but Turkey got away with it. We've now gone from that to the Iranian military actively trying to provoke America. It's amazing that people would harass someone far stronger than them an expect to get away with it. This would seem so absurd to our forefathers.

However, it has given a great excuse. We can cite military provocation, we can cite the hostile act of capturing British soldiers, we can cite violating the Geneva Convention by parading those soldiers on TV. We can cite the "Death to USA" slogan. These things combined should be enough to keep other dictators like the Saudis on-side. They can say "well we're not doing those things, so we should be safe".

Let me now address things from the comments, from both the left and right, and actually, from my own history. There was a time, for probably 2 decades, that I supported democracy as the ultimate goal. I didn't care if the people wanted communism or anything else. If the majority wanted it, it was legitimate, and we should leave it as that. It was only after literally decades of thought, and observations of places like "Palestine" and Saudi Arabia and reflection on places like Nazi Germany, that I realised there was something more that I was holding dear. It was whatever we had in Australia, but I had no label for it. It took the Iraq war and the Iraqi blogs before I could bounce things off all sides and get a reaction to enable me to isolate what we had in Australia, and what the Iraqis had the moment Saddam's statue fell (long before they got to vote). What was it? Rational, humanist, non-subjugating government.

So whether the Germans democratically choose to gas Jews, or whether the Pakistanis democratically choose to fund Al Qaeda - too damn bad. These people are enemies of freedom and regardless of whether they are a majority in some geographical region (they wouldn't actually be a majority if you took non-Americans as a whole), they need to be dealt with (you can actually arbitarily merge any of these ratbag countries with India if you want to cite "majority" - "majority" is completely meaningless), they need to be dealt with.

Dealt with how? Kill them if necessary. Certainly don't allow them to influence government policy (via voting or allowing one of the scumbags to be a dictator).

This is not a war of the majority vs the minority. This is a war between good and bad. So yes, if they democratically choose to be bad, and support evil, it doesn't mean anything. We will jail them. Either physically in jail, or via dictatorship in an open-air prison, or by killing them as they resist that, or any other means.

Don't get swayed by democracy. I used to do it myself, so I know exactly where you're coming from. But very few would allow the Germans to democratically gas Jews. So you need to look deeper for your TRUE philosophy. Your true philosophy is probably message 666, documented on Sept 11, 2004. Or pretty damn close. It's been sliced and diced for 3 years now, and people still don't understand the significance of it. Turns out it's more complicated that the Theory of Relativity which at least had 3 people who understood it (although some disputed the number at the time).

I had hoped that my wonderful atheist brothers would have followed hard science and seen the significance of it, but it turns out that most atheists are as dogmatic as religious nutcases. I had always believed what both they and I had always said which was, "when you present me with evidence of the supernatural, I'll change my opinion". When it came to the crunch, they did no such thing.

And Batman, as for allowing the Pakistanis to elect an Osama supporter, and then invading, that's just silly. You're replacing a minimal ally with an enemy and forcing us to go to war before we're ready. At the moment we have arranged for Pakistani forces to spend some minor effort killing Osama supporters. You're proposing having us suddenly faced with a crisis and having to fight both of those parties, when we had lots of work to do elsewhere before rounding on minimal allies.

Anyway, in summary, don't worry about human rights abuses in other countries. Just concentrate on eliminating enemy governments (which as a by-product eliminates human rights abuses in those countries), and we'll shame Americans into caring about human rights in neutrals and allies and goad them into action at that appropriate time.

And to you anti-war people - if you don't want this problem solved by war, then solve it yourself via other means very very quickly. You've had 29 years to solve Iran, with zero success, so I'm not expecting you to pull a rabbit out of the hat any time soon. We both know you're just bluffing to try to prevent America from protecting itself, because you want to bring harm to it. I know your game. America, protect yourself!!! By the way, there is a rabbit to be pulled. Spread message 666 to these people and change their culture and you'll solve the problem. Given the complexity of the message, that seems unlikely. War is required. So let's have war. And again, I stress, I want to see what happens if a minor amount of force is used on Iran, as we really need that experimental data for future military planning. Can we jump-start the equivalent of a military coup or not? Can every country be done ala Afghanistan from the air or not?

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