Rudd the Choker

Rudd you slimy little prick. When the going got tough, you choked. Just like your Labor predecessor who abandoned millions of South Vietnamese to communist slavery, you were about to abandon millions of Iraqi allies to a similar or worse fate. The verdict is finally in. Even the left-wing have capitulated. From the BBC:

"Everybody agrees that things are much better."

So much for a civil war, eh Rudd? You prick.

So much for the sky falling, eh Rudd? You prick.

Man, it's times like this you just want to say "nyuk, nyuk, nyuk". Just in time for the election too. I hope you rue the day you decided the welfare of Iraqis didn't matter a damn to Australia. You prick.

If you want to go and make yourself useful, go and divert your attention to South Africa now. Instead of waxing lyrical about how great it was under Saddam, you can wax lyrical about how much more competent the white South Africans were compared to the Marxist terrorists who have taken their place. You prick.

Maybe Australia isn't going to go down in history as the country that choked in Iraq after all. No thanks to you, you prick.

The Coalition (right-wing, conservatives, good guys) are trailing 46 to 54 at the moment (data about 1-2 weeks old), meaning we need to find 4% of Australians to realise that Rudd, the prick they currently support, is in fact a prick who was about to abandon allies, and instead vote for someone who swore they would stand by their allies till Hell freezed over. It's within striking distance.

The stupid voters are so stupid they aren't willing to believe the straightforward logic that war is a technical task you give to professionals - they want to hear that from the left-wing media. And now the left is starting to crack. Will it be a done deal by 24th November 2007? I don't know. But thanks BBC for writing a halfway decent article. And Rudd? You're a prick. And you're also stupid for not realising that war is a technical task that happens above your paygrade and intellectual capability. And you're a prick.

Australia - November 24th is your day. You can follow in the spirit of the Lighthorse who charged Beersheba, or you can follow Rudd into the depths of depravity. The choice is stark. Go for it Australia. Let the spirit of the ANZACs course through your body.

Oh, another thing to note from the article is this:

"One by one, men and women stood up and screamed abuse at the (Al Sadr) militia, blaming it for killing and torturing their loved ones."

Can someone please tell me - how did a fool like Chimpy McHalliburton Bush manage to arrange for the Iraqi people to get a first-hand taste of Islamofascism without actually having them elected to power and set up a new dictatorship like in Gaza? How the hell did he pull that one off? Maybe now those US soldiers who were dismayed that they were forced to let Sadr go free will forgive Bush?

It WORKED folks. It FUCKING WORKED. We've done the impossible and set up an Arab Muslim democracy in the heart of the Middle East. Whatever we do in the rest of the countries, we now know that we're not trying to do something impossible, and it's just a matter of observing how the Iraqis manage it and to get the other countries to emulate that.

Hey, maybe the South Africans will ask the Iraqis for advice? Instead of copying Saddam they can copy Maliki. What a novel concept!

Maybe I should watch some Australian news to see if this stuff has made it onto our news?

Read and weep, Rudd. Read and weep. You prick.

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