Walking with Humans

It occurred to me the other day that what I was doing here on earth in human form is exactly the same as what you see on some movies where a rich man dresses up as a beggar to see how rich people treat the poor. Well, I have dressed up as a human to find out how humans would treat me. It's certainly been eye-opening.

I know originally that I said I forgave humans since they were natural animals. That is still true. However, I have since changed my mind about allowing these people into Heaven. I'm not going to torture them in Hell, like the cruel God that so many imagine, but I'm not going to bother restoring their data. I think that would be the wrong thing to do. It's not fair on everyone else.

Anyway, it is interesting to negotiate the shape of a new world.

BTW Foddy, Omar said that he would stop the moderator from deleting your posts. Try again.

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