Iraqi Oil

One of the commenters challenged me to defend some new Iraqi law regarding oil.

Actually, I am opposed to Bush's desire to see Iraqi oil distributed to the Iraqi people. I think the Iraqis should not get used to getting handouts from the government. The Iraqi government should instead use the money to create the best infrastructure in the world, and invest extra money in international shares, and use the dividends to pay for things like free education, and social security. But the most important thing should be to avoid having to implement a taxation system. That will allow the economy to run as efficiently as possible.

On top of that, the Iraqis are mulling over getting some US companies to develop their oil fields, and those companies will get most of the subsequent oil revenue until the development costs have been paid off. This is perfectly reasonable. However, we don't live in a reasonable world. In the same way that I want Japanese, rather than whites, to colonize Africa, due to the anti-white racists that are prevailent in the world, it would be good for someone like Germany or Japan to develop the oil fields, to take away yet another argument from desperation from the left, that basically runs the massive Iraq war, with majority public support, was apparently all supported because some US companies would get a chance to pay to develop Iraq's oil fields (despite the fact that you can freely ask the war supporters why they supported it, and I've yet to find one who gave a damn about some unspecified US companies). The only way I would believe some huge Jewish/American conspiracy would be if I received a revelation from God saying exactly that. Which of course I did. But at least I had the sense (at least after a few days) to realise I'd been deliberately lied to in order to make me understand and have sympathy for the pea-brains on the left.

If for some reason the US companies are the only competent players in that field, then I would ask that the oil field development is simply deferred a couple of years, to push it into the Democrat presidency (assuming a Democrat victory anyway). This will mean the Iraqis lose out on getting the income more quickly, but too bad. It's still a far sight better than Saddam stealing everything. It's simply not strategic to be doing anything with oil that is in any way related to the US. It just gives ammunition to the left. It is strategic to take away that ammunition.

Also, even under the Democrats, wait until the US troops have completely vacated Iraq before allowing any US company to develop Iraq's oil fields, no matter how loudly the Iraqi government bleats that they want them in. It's funny how the Iraqi government is supposedly a puppet of the US, yet isn't pushing through the law changes that Bush wants (and that I oppose). The left tries to have it so many different ways.

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