Cold-blooded Australian

The other day I was discussing the Iraq war with an anti-war Australian. Originally he came up with the usual list of excuses for opposing liberating the war, but in the end he finally admitted the truth, and openly admitted that he didn't care about the Iraqis. I asked him if they were the wrong race, the wrong religion, or what? He said they were too far away. I told him the UK was even further away, did he care about them? He didn't answer that question. Man, I really hope that one day the Iraqis can forgive Australia for producing such monsters, and not hold all Australians responsible for these arseholes. I have been chatting to a Labor supporter recently who has said that he is proud of the Australian military fighting for freedom in Iraq. It's so nice to find a decent Labor supporter. Sure, he still wants to steal from the rich and fuck up Australia's economy, but at least he can recognize the value of human freedom.

I was talking to a Taiwanese too, who was surprised when he found out that I would vote for the "Democrats" rather than "Republicans" if the Democrats supported the Iraq war while the Republicans opposed it. Yep, I'm not going to sacrifice 27 million people just to get a more efficient economy. Unless that more efficient economy would result in us being able to free more people, so that I would have to make that tough trade-off.

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