Tiananmen Square Massacre

I normally call this the June the Fourth Massacre, but that wasn't one of the names given by Wikipedia, and the page is blocked from editting so I can't fix it. Today is the 18th anniversary of the event. The second-most infamous date in world history in fact. Those protests were the most wonderful thing in the world at the time. I had such high hopes for it. I thought the world was going to be a beautiful place. Instead, tanks rolled over children. One thing I hate about some Christians is that they think that atheists are unconstrained psychopaths since they have no fear of God. Our Prime Minister at the time of the massacre was Bob Hawke, an atheist, and he cried in parliament as he read out what happened. So did I, another atheist. I don't recall any Christian Prime Ministers doing that. Maybe they think that the Chinese aren't Christians so a bunch of non-Christians being crushed by tanks is of no importance. A bit like Iraqi women really.

Anyway, after the massacre there was a protest in Sydney, going to the Chinese Embassy. I went to it, and assumed the rest of Sydney would as well. I was shocked to find that most of the participants were ethnic Chinese. I wondered why the people at my workplace weren't attending and they actually made a comment that I'll probably be out of place there, as if the death of Chinese freedom fighters was of no interest to white Australians. However, they did agree that we needed to put sanctions on the Chinese for doing that, and that it was outrageous. So I've no idea really what goes through their brains.

Anyway, when I got to the protest, someone was handing out headbands with Chinese characters on them. I don't think the guy actually spoke English, but he was happy to give me one, and he made sure I put it on the right way up. During the march, people were chanting "Da da Deng Xiao Ping, da da Le Pung". I didn't know what "da da" meant, but I think I knew who those arseholes were, as I had been watching the news constantly. I later found out that "da da" meant "step down". I joined in the chanting, on the assumption that these people knew what they were doing.

I was very disappointed to see one white Australian turn up with a megaphone which he used to say "workers of the world unite". Basically a commie. One of those people actually responsible for the massacre. I don't think I would have thrown away my headband, but I don't know where I put it. I found out later that my headband said "democracy". The word "democracy" consists of two characters, "people" and "in charge". While the Chinese are absolutely insane for not creating an ALPHABET, the Chinese characters really are absolutely beautiful. I got my wife to write the characters on a piece of paper and I stuck the piece of paper to my wardrobe in the bedroom so that I could see this all the time. I think I took it down when we moved house, and I don't know where it is either. Maybe I chucked it out.

Anyway, without further ado, let me show you the most beautiful thing in the world, the first time I've ever posted a picture on my blog (although I intend to go and update the "English Language" one with another picture later, as I really do have a photo of that sign I mentioned):

I can still remember asking my wife what the two characters meant. And the way she said "in charge!" was so beautiful. These characters are computer-generated. I should really replace it with something hand-drawn. Maybe one day someone who was actually at the massacre will draw it for me and I'll replace this one with theirs. We'll see. :-)

BTW, I've been busy in (very productive) email discussions over the last few days, but I should get to the comments today.

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