Pacifist Soldiers

One thing I don't like about soldiers is when they trot out lines like "no-one loves peace as much as a soldier", pretending that they are arch-pacifists, and they're being forced to fight by warmongering civilians (ie me). It's complete crap. They're as gung-ho as any civilian, and not only that, they've spent all this time training and they're dying for a chance to actually see if they really are the professional soldiers that they have been trained to be. I asked a few pertinent questions of Waheed, and sure enough, US soldiers were whinging about pulling guard duty instead of being able to go out and kill some bad motherfuckers. BTW, I totally support this too. The US troops need to be held back and the work offloaded to locals as much as possible. Those US troops are needed for North Korea, or Pakistan etc, where there's no-one else to offload the work onto. They need to be preserved for when they're needed.

Anyway, here are some quotes:


"The U.S. Marine Corps reputation for being enthusiastic about combat is not a myth. Recently, the commandant of the Marine Corps got complaints (at one of the "Town Hall" meetings he holds regularly) from marines who were not able to get an assignment in Iraq or Afghanistan."


"Combat arms officers (infantry, armor, artillery, aviation) see the current war as a rare chance to actually do that they have spent years training for."


"Let's get Saddam".

Pacifist soldiers my arse. Let's have some honesty here. Soldiers want to kick arse, and I want to give them that opportunity. They can actually use their testosterone for a useful purpose.

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