Messing with the Pakis

After I finally got the word "subjugate" and thus had a complete image of how I divided the world up, and what was causing all the conflicts, I started chatting to thousands of people on IRC, to try to find out whether they would support the Iraq war now that they had this phrase - "fight subjugation". I gave away my MSN ID when asked, the end result being I have heaps of contacts, and I've no idea who any of them are. So I regularly get contacted by complete unknowns.

The other day I got contacted by someone who had as the message in his ID "u mess wiv one paki all pakis cum to kik fuck out of ya". Anyway, I asked him about his message, and why he didn't put "humans" instead of "paki". His answer was "everyone has a religion". I asked him if he was a racist, a religious bigot, a nationalist, or all three. I didn't get a sensible reply to that. So I told him:

Mess with one anti-racist and all anti-racists will kick the fuck out of you.

Mess with one anti-religious-bigot and all anti-religious-bigots will kick the fuck out of you.

Mess with one anti-nationalist and all anti-nationalists will kick the fuck out of you.

It's not actually true, but it should be. But then, his original wasn't true either. People are looking for an identity, and they're all choosing the wrong one. I was looking for my identity too. It took me 37 years, but I eventually found what I was looking for - the anti-subjugators. Actually, the rest of message 666 too, but it is my opposition to subjugation in particular that defines me.

I've still no idea why the simple line "fight subjugation rather than occupation" doesn't resonate with the whole world. One possible explanation is that the rest of the world largely runs on "emotional intelligence" rather than making a gigantic effort to make sure that their brain is as logical as a computer. But given that there is already a name for doing that - rationalism - I would have expected the rationalists to be on board. Yet at the site that I actually learnt the word "rationalism" from, the guy in charge actually supported John Kerry, the guy who betrayed our South Vietnamese allies. All this means that there's a hell of a lot of work left to do. In the meantime, watch out for the racist, religiously-bigotted, nationalist Pakistanis. They might kick the fuck out of you.

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