Setting Priorities

There was a great comment at ITM:

"there is evil subjugation all over the world, and we pick our battles by going first where there are additional national interests at stake, the primary one being protecting America, then protecting the rest of the civilized world, then fighting where we can get the most gain for our losses, and in places where there are people actually capable of acting civilized if they are liberated. Iran scores high on all of these factors, as opposed to say Africa, where there is also evil subjugation."

That's the first time I've seen an American outline America's priorities. It's not politically correct, but it's the real truth and also the rational course of action to take. There are reasons why the US government can't be so forthright in what it says, but this meme should be taken up by all right-wing American commentators and a plan formulated, to begin lobbying the government.

Other members of the free world should be doing the exact same thing, but obviously substituting "America" for their own country. Let's hope that this all comes together and Iran is liberated. It would be disastrous if this opportunity were missed and the US merely attacked Iran's nuclear facilities instead of ending the state-slavery of 69 million people.

I've no idea how accurate this is or how it was obtained, but here is an estimate that the dictatorship has 25% support with 25% opposed and 50% "impatient". Time to get some more accurate figures by liberating them and taking a poll. And then validating the opinion poll with the results of a secret ballot. Regardless of what the figures are, we should be caring about the wellbeing of those 25% opposed. They are our allies and I want to empower them to deal with the 25% in favour of dictatorship.

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