Psychology of Victory

First of all people - CALM DOWN! We're in the middle of a complete and utter victory. All military objectives have been accomplished and training fresh Iraqi security forces is going as quickly as possible already. This is what victory looks like. Don't get distracted from the big picture.

In my life up until Sept 11, 2004 I was trying to isolate my ideology. That task has now been completed. But now I need to understand other humans. That looks like it's going to be another hard slog. Here is VDH providing some enlightenment on that journey:

"A majority of Americans, like a majority of mankind, does not embrace a strong particular ideology that keeps them levelheaded and always resolute through either bad or good news. Most simply wish to win, and to be identified with a winner — they are as giddy with success as they are dejected with disappointment, as quick to blame others for setbacks as they are to claim credit for progress."

Well this is certainly an eye-opener for me. Because Bush's actions have been exactly what my personal strategy was, I do not blame others, but feel compelled to justify every decision. It is a personal responsibility. A personal burden. In much the same way as any attack on the free world, of which 9/11 is just one example, is an attack on me personally, and I will do everything I can think of to respond. And it's not just members of the free world, but also innocent people living under dictators who want to be free. Enslaving them is an attack on me personally and I am in the process of responding. I've seen comments that I am out of my mind for wanting to attack Iran "unprovoked". Unprovoked? Like hell it is. You touch one hair on an innocent Iranian girl and you have directly provoked me. And I will respond. Using my brain. Using my brain to marshall all resources I can find in the entire world. Let's do it people.

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