Osama's Worldview

I have only just read Osama's letter to America. It is dated 2002-11-24. You have to scroll to the far right to read it. The worldview is basically based on Muslims vs non-Muslims, Arabs vs Jews, whites vs non-whites. He criticizes individual freedom due to his various dogmas. He goes against modern economic theory and free trade by condemning charging interest. He subscribes to a theory that the Jews are controlling everything, except where greedy corporations are doing so.

He does make one accurate point about democracy in Algeria being scuttled. This is something that could only be answered after Iraq was liberated - rational, humanist government trumps non-subjugation. He believes that the Arab governments are being controlled by the US despite the fact that they aren't remotely being run the way we want them run. He believes oil is being sold at bargain prices instead of market prices. Not sure why oil should be singled out, out of all the commodities sold in the world.

He blames the US for imaginary deaths of children in Iraq due to sanctions, despite the fact that there weren't sanctions on food and medicine, and declines to aportion any blame to Saddam for these imaginary deaths. No blame for any of the real deaths that Saddam caused either.

He complains about bombing Afghanistan but not about Taliban atrocities against Afghans. He soundly argues that it is OK to attack civilians in America because it is they who are responsibile for the planes that bomb him, both financing the bombs and directing the bombs. However, he doesn't seem to get the fact that two can play that game and both Arabs and Muslims face extinction, with minimal effort, under those rules.

He cares about the "rights" of combatants in Guantanamo Bay but not about the rights of civilians under the Taliban. Basically he comes from a mindset where Sharia Law with him as dictator is "freedom". He rails against Clinton for having oral sex, but no mention of Clinton bombing the sovereign state of Yugoslavia in order to protect Kosovar Muslims. Glad to see he has his priorities right. He somehow blames America for AIDS instead of creditting America for coming up with a treatment for AIDS, along with the many other medical advances emanating from America. Osama the Greenie has a whinge about Kyoto. No mention of creating a front against China for also failing to sign up.

It's basically a mindset diametrically opposed to mine and a source of war until one of our ideologies is defeated. His poor knowledge of warfare means that he doesn't know he was defeated the moment he made his presence known. Although we've yet to see what the treacherous left-wing will do when they're in power.

On the subject of worldviews, check out this from an Australian Muslim explaining how to avoid integrating with filthy kaffirs. I'm glad we've got people like this here freely expressing their views so that it can help us scope the problem. Then leave it to the Anglophones. We fix all problems.

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