Fatwa on Hilali

A couple of Australian clerics have hit the news recently. I especially want to concentrate on Hilali, who believes that Muslim immigrants have more right to Australia than descendants of convicts. An Australian Sunni Muslim body has condemned these racist remarks, but I am not satisfied with it. For one thing they have used the term "Islamophobia" - an irrational fear of Muslims. There is nothing irrational about fearing people who believe a book full of vile hatred towards non-Muslims is the word of God, and that a rapist, pedophile, enslaver, thief, mass-murderer is a prophet of God. Especially when we see significant support from Middle Eastern countries for someone like Osama Bin Laden who follows in Mohammed's footsteps. This body needs to answer some serious questions, and they do not respond to my emails.

As Caliph of International Mu'tazilah, let me issue my own ruling. First thing to note is the fundamental principle in Mu'tazilah that children are born free of sin and that guilt is not transferrable (based on relation, skin colour, sex, nationality, eye colour, surname etc etc). Even if your father was a serial killer, it does not mean that the child is guilty of, or an accessory of, or approves of, even a single murder. It is people like Hilali who don't grant children freedom from sin, and instead imply that they were born guilty of any number of crimes due to their skin colour, who are the real criminals.

Secondly, he seems to be under the impression that Muslims are pure and innocent. Given that they (most of them) revere the mass-murderer Mohammed instead of condemning him, they are guilty of gross immorality. Their morals are not compatible with Mu'tazilah morals (as taught in Australian schools, promoted by the Australian government, taught in most Australian religious establishments, and internalized by most Australians). I am glad these non-Mu'tazilah Muslims are here though, as it highlights the problem we face in the Middle East and gives us a deeper understanding into the Bali bombing etc.

I also note that Hilali had a spokesman running interference for him, saying the message was being taken out of context, instead of roundly condemning the message. I call on the Australian government to condemn this deceptive attempt at covering up and highlight that the deception itself is contrary to both Australian and Mu'tazilah values, where self-criticism and personal responsibility is valued. Any Muslim not ensuring that Hilali is marginalized is also failing to adhere to Mu'tazilah values, which require individuals to actively fight racism, not merely sit back and not be racist yourself. This is part of the "first they came for the Jews, but I wasn't a Jew ..." philosophy of neutrality which is completely bankrupt as Holland found out when it was enslaved by the Nazis.

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