I found an excellent article recently. Basically westerners have been brought up on an anti-western diet saying how bad we were going around colonizing others. It's complete bunk. It's just part of the Soviet propaganda which we have been suckered into believing. Bringing civilization to the 3rd world to lift them out of dire poverty was as good as the Romans coming to Britain. Especially bringing recorded history with them (in both places).

The end of colonialism has been a complete disaster. Good government was usually replaced by cruel tyranny. If anyone really cares about these 3rd world countries we need to think seriously about recolonizing them. We should probably get a non-white country to be the colonizing power, I'm thinking of Japan in particular, as an easy counter to the spurious "racist white" charge that these lefties like to throw at those of us who actually care about human suffering. Unfortunately besides Japan there's no real good non-white alternatives. South Korea and Taiwan are the only other ones I can think of, but they are both in the middle of military confrontations and probably aren't willing to take on a job such as this.

"White man's burden" is actually a misnomer. It should have been called "free people's burden". It's just that there is a scarcity of free non-whites, hence the mischaracterization. There was a similar mischaracterization done by the PNAC - Project for the New AMERICAN Century. The retards should have said Project for a New DEMOCRATIC Century or FREE Century. And the Americans still haven't got a clue. They've called the replacement organization American Enterprise Institution. When are the insular Americans going to wake up and realise it's NOT JUST ABOUT AMERICA???!!!

Hopefully we can organize the Iraqis, the most sensible of the Arabs (which isn't saying a lot), to colonize the rest of the Arab world. We need to see if the Iraqis come to the conclusion that they need to eradicate religious bigotry, dogma and racism. If they can figure this out by themselves, then we can help them to fix the rest of the Middle East, before we are forced to nuke the whole place. Let's see how it goes.

Another brilliant analysis here.

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