This article gives a good summary of the sectarian violence occurring in Iraq. These people have a sick mentality where any crime done by a Shiite to a Sunni can be avenged by an attack on random Shiite civilians. I noticed something similar when I got to observe Kurds and Arabs interacting on Kurdo's blog. A Kurd basically demanded "justice" from the Arab. I pointed out to the Kurd that this particular Arab didn't support Saddam and was a victim, just like him. The Kurd didn't reply. This act of grouping people instead of treating them as individuals is the fundamental problem. I would point out that it appears to be a totally natural phenomenon.

I've already tried to explain that people need to correctly identify the enemy, which is non-humanists (in this case, religious bigots, racists, and people without empathy). It is this anti-social element that needs to be eliminated from society, one way or the other. You could argue that anyone claiming to be Sunni or Shiite is inherently a religious bigot and a non-humanist (since they proclaim the rapist/mass-murderer/pedophile/thief Mohammed was the perfect human being), and thus eliminate them on those grounds. But that particular war was not something I expected to start so soon, and it is not in our interests to start it at this point in world history. We need to be able to move on and take down state actors before we start taking on individuals.

I've already emailed ITM brothers and asked them to lobby their government to have an emergency education program to teach people to be non-religious-bigots or anti-religious-bigots. This is exactly what is required to solve this particular problem. The Iraqi government should be doing this. I'd like to say this is "obvious", but I have to admit it took me a while to convert the "war against Islam" into the "war against religious bigots". I needed the feedback from the Iraqi bloggers before I was able to make the switch. The fact that we had Muslims which had an IDENTICAL ideology to us meant that the problem (sort of) had nothing to do with Muslims.

Anyway, instead of solving this problem with mass education and causing an identity change, they appear to be "solving" the problem by driving out all the Sunnis. This is exactly NOT what needs to be done. Iraq was such a juicy target precisely because it had different races and different sects in it. They need to have a fundamental ideological/identity change in order to live together in freedom. Driving out Sunnis and cordoning off Kurds achieves precisely nothing. We need to convert Iraq into a clone of Australia, not just another racist and religious-bigotted Arab Muslim country.

I'm not sure how to go about implementing this solution. This is exactly the sort of thing freedom of speech is designed to fix. All you need to do is get the IDEA out there, and let the marketplace absorb it. The idea is already out there, but no-one is implementing it. Whose job is it to get Iraqi children learning the same thing that is being taught to Australian children? America has so far not thrown its weight about AT ALL. It has forced the Iraqis to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The only thing America has been doing is enforcing IRAQI LAW, made by Iraqis. Maybe for the first time in this war America needs to step in and force the Iraqis to change their education system. To be like Australia, they need to do the equivalent and teach Iraqis that Arabs are a pack of arseholes who have contributed nothing except slavery/sexism/racism and should be eternally ashamed of themselves and that non-Arabs are perfect in every way. If they respond the same as Australians do, it will make them extremely tolerant people, blaming themselves for any transgressions that non-Arabs do to Arabs. But that is probably a step too far, even if it is a far more accurate view of the world. But at the very least they can point out the bad things that Arabs did and the good things that whites did, to try to get the racism out of their sick culture.

In practical terms, it is beyond America's political will to grab the Iraqis by the throat and forcibly convert them into Australia. America has enough problems with 50% of the country being outright traitors. The exact same traitors that cheered North Vietnam to victory. What a bunch of disgusting people. It makes me sick. I wonder what Bush's new strategy is going to be? There are no good options. Sticking with training Iraqis to enforce Iraqi law is a straightforward technical task which would eventually "work" insofar as it will have successfully transitioned Iraq from a dictatorship to a democracy. But just the same as the disaster in "Palestine", Iraq has failed to morph into Australia (which is, or should be, the goal). I warned the Kurds beforehand to not vote along ethnic lines or they'd end up with the disaster we see in Northern Ireland. That they needed to vote along economic lines. But they didn't listen. Now that they have made the mistake, it's not too late. They could still come to their senses and set up a 2-party system and make sectarian parties illegal (as they are in Belgium), change Iraq from an Islamic state to a secular state.

The most important thing though is to keep Iraq's freedom of speech intact. Although I am frustrated that no-one in Iraq is agitating for these changes to be made, or perhaps for Iraq to become a US (or Japanese) colony, at least with freedom of speech it may happen at some point down the line. But at this point we can't even get guarantees from the treacherous Democrats that they're not going to betray the Iraqis like they betrayed the South Vietnamese.

So what do we do now? We need to move from Iraq to Iran. There is a limited window to do this, given that we can't trust the American people to not elect the Democrats. It is so frustrating. The Americans have been so kind to the whole world, trying so hard. My heart bleeds for them. What do you do when you offer a hand of friendship and it gets spat on? It's very tempting to turn the hand into a fist. Carpet bomb Europe to give them something to really complain about. It's a great shame the Nazis didn't teach the Swedes a lesson or two about "neutrality" as well. They really deserve it. Why can't the Swedes learn from the lesson of the neutral Baltics and Dutch? Why doesn't the world behave logically? I guess the world would be very boring if it did. I'll say that much about the world. It's bloody interesting. America is on a knife-edge as to whether the world gets liberated or not. If both parties had the same policy on liberating the world, there'd be nothing to do. Instead, I'm totally focussed on finding a way to make the flip of the coin come down Republican. But I must say that the 2004 elections were the most important. Even if we fail to get Iran, at least we will have secured Iraq.

And Australia will probably be out of the game this year. The treacherous Labor is in front and we have elections this year. Can you imagine that? Australia running from a fight. The world will never be the same. And the really cruel thing is that they're not doing it because they're scared, or because it's their children dying. Those reasons I could at least understand. They're doing it because they think Australia shouldn't help others secure their freedom. How sick are these people? It's the same people who didn't kick up a stink when Australians were charged for exercising their natural right to freedom of speech. If they don't even care about the human rights of Australians, I guess it's not surprising that they don't care about the rights of Iraqis either. But they will donate to tsunami relief. Where's the logic in that? Help people with their standard of living, but who gives a damn about horrendous human rights abuses? This world is simply nuts. If you told this story to a rational person, they would not believe it.

Who would believe that you could get BILLIONS of people to believe that a book that says you can rape your slaves (33:50 in the Qur'an) is the perfect word of God? As Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch said, the human capacity for self-denial should not be underestimated. The problem is that this mentality has saturated the market, and is self-reinforcing. Who is brave enough to stand up and be ridiculed? They are out there, and they are frustrated too. What do you do when blindingly obvious logic doesn't work and you're being outvoted by moonbats who think Bush arranged 9/11? What the hell do you do? And what do you do when Bush himself is making no effort to impart emergency critical thinking skills to the American people? He could be opening up the Whitehouse and showing people the rooms where they make decisions, and saying "this is the room where we discussed the war in Iraq, here are the minutes, here are the people who were in the room, let's ask them one at a time if Halliburton or oil were mentioned".

DO SOMETHING!!! This is a friggin emergency!!! A war, remember? Two skyscrapers felled, 3000 killed, and you're about to surrender? Sheesh. As they said on LGF, I'm beginning to think these people are a different species or something. Although I must admit, at least the moonbats have progressed from the point where they used to "test" witches by throwing them in the river to see if they would use their magical powers to escape. BUT NOT MUCH!!! Who came up with the idea of giving moonbats equal voting rights in the first place anyway? Can't we have some sort of "can you recognize reality" test? Even children who believe in Santa Claus are closer to recognizing reality than people who think God thinks it's OK to rape your slaves. At least reindeers can actually fly if you shove enough rockets up their arse. So some kid at school told me, anyway. And if that's not a reliable source of information, what is?

During the course of writing this I was messaged by an Israeli Arab, who was complaining about innocent Palestinian children being killed. I asked him if these children were deliberately surrounding armed militants so that they would get killed for propaganda purposes. He said "yes". What am I supposed to say to that? I was still working him over when he needed to leave, but this is just one of several occasions I have spoken to him. I haven't made any discernable progress in 2 years. My heart bleeds for the poor Israelis too. Once again trying so hard and getting nowhere. Actually, I guess I'm in the same boat too. I'm trying bloody hard to get my head around other people's logic and I'm not getting anywhere. They can believe the most outrageous things about what God wants while the plight of Iranian girls has no impact whatsoever. What the hell are you supposed to do with these creatures?

Although I must admit one thing. I didn't see much/any instances of people protecting the innocent at school. Perhaps I have projected my own doctrine onto others, assuming that they shared my genes. So I'm trying to appeal to what I assume is a universal human trait, but it just isn't there to uncover. All I'm left with is horror. How do you form an alliance with horror?

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