Take a look at this. Russia and China blocked a resolution on Burma's human rights. They simply don't give a damn about atrocities that occur to other people. They are effectively sociopaths. And look who else is an enemy of freedom - South Africa. They didn't just abstain, they actively voted against freedom. After all the effort the world went to to ensure that racist uneducated blacks in Africa could set up a one-party racist Marxist state with unbelievable levels of crime as they wanted, how do they repay us? It's funny that a state that prevents racist uneducated blacks from setting up a racist Marxist state of no benefit to anyone at all in the long term, is a crime against humanity but a state that disenfranchises the entire population as is the case in Burma is perfectly fine.

Although to be fair, I'm not exactly sure why the human rights abuses in Burma are being brought to the table when say Cuba or Syria are not. The advantage I see in Burma is that it has no baggage associated with it. It's not part of the "struggle" for worldwide communism or part of the Arab fascist "movement". There's no conceivable reason for anyone to object to Burma getting its freedom. It is a great litmus test to put on record who the enemies of freedom are. When the Burmese are finally freed they can look back in history and see who their friends and enemies were. Also, it helps raise awareness of human rights in general. The principle of putting human rights above "sovereignty". So that when Iran is liberated and human rights are quoted as part of the reason, we can say that it is a long-standing objective of the free world to protect human rights, as evidenced by Burma. You'd think the moonbats could figure this out for themselves by actions such as protecting the Kosovars. Where was the oil in Kosovo? Somalia? Grenada? Panama? Vietnam? Haiti? Where do these people come from?

Also note that this is just a resolution to condemn the human rights abuses, nevermind a resolution to authorize what will be a 1-day war to overthrow the dictatorship.

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