B-grade Movie

An article on LGF quoting a Tony Blair speech where Blair made up some complete rubbish about Islam invoked a furious reaction from LGF readers. Over 1000 comments. I read through all of them. Some very interesting comments. One of them said that the more this goes on, the more he thinks he is living in a B-grade movie. Which is exactly right!!! The world would be pretty dull if we didn't have people with exceptionally poor logic skills. Humour is nothing more than unusual logic. And so precious! And it is wonderful to watch what autonomous individuals get up to. Fascinating stuff.

Anyway, one person was smart enough to (possibly, no way of knowing) rumble what Blair was up to. He's laying the groundwork for an assault on Iran. One person complained about Blair's lies, saying that we're not going to win this war by out-lying the Muslims. I disagree. That's exactly how we're going to win. "We just need to invade this one last country". Repeat 40 times. :-) Some people were whinging that we should be declaring war on Islam. Others thought that was a mistake. I agree that it's premature to declare war on Islam.

And Mogadishu (Somalia) was captured by Ethiopia during the thread. Some were wondering what Ethiopia had that we didn't have. Once again, this is great use of resources. Offloading work to Ethiopia so that we don't need to do everything ourselves. The same as I do with my own resources. I channel my money into blogs that are underfunded rather than waste my money on well-funded uncontroversial things like tsunami relief. It would be great if we could get the African Union to topple Sudan's dictatorship, but I don't think that's going to happen. I don't even see Europeans stepping up to the plate. I think it will end up needing to be done by Anglophones. But maybe we can arrange for the AU to take over the peacekeeping after the 1 day to 1 week initial war. Honestly, some of these wars are going to be so simple, just like the Ethiopian whitewash. Or like when Australia turned up to the Solomon Islands, and the protagonists formed an orderly queue to go to jail without a shot being fired. It's a crime to not use our militaries to take care of these simple problems. But we really need to get others to step up to the plate to actually do combat (like Ethiopia) instead of wasting good European troops wandering aimlessly around in southern Lebanon.

One poster was exasperated that according to the Afghan constitution, the president must be a Muslim. He said this happened on our watch and made him wonder what we were fighting for, and if the left-wing moonbats were right that this really was for oil. :-) It's a pity that LGF registration is closed or I could answer there. The fact is that American has been VERY careful to not invade Afghanistan. It isn't "our" watch. We haven't even STARTED our watch. All we've done so far is taken a survey on what the people of Afghanistan and Iraq WANTED. Obviously we couldn't do the survey with dictators preventing us from doing so, so we just arranged for the dictators to disappear and see what Afghans and Iraqis do when there's no-one telling them what to do.

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