Finally Someone Gets It

Finally we have this, by Gregory Davis, who says:

(on "moderate" Muslims)
"I have spoken with such Muslims and, while they are much to be preferred over the true-believing jihadists, the illogic of their enterprise is readily apparent. Within any Islamic context, their position will always been tenuous at best, which makes them inherently unreliable allies".

But this is the real meat:
"To secularize or pacify Islam would require it to jettison two things: Muhammad and the Koran."

And that is it. Muslims need to either reject Mohammed and the Qur'an (and I don't see how they can do that without ceasing to be a Muslim), or they need to find a way to incorporate what is basically absolute evil (Mohammed and the Qur'an) into a new philosophy. I have done the latter, because the ENTIRE WORLD (not just Muslims) were too stupid to have figured that out for themselves.

I am still in a curious position. The problem has been completely solved, for over 2 years, but I have yet to find a way to "dumb down" my message for consumption by the general public. Not even the highly intelligent people who sometimes frequent this blog, such as PeteS, get it. As far as I can tell, because the logic and evidence is in conflict with dearly-held dogma. These days I am spending my time in IRC, trying to understand humans. It is absolutely shocking the blatant disregard most people have for the rights of Iraqi women to not be raped by Saddam. How people can do that and still believe that they're going to Heaven is phenomenal. But not nearly as phenomenal as Saddam chanting "God is great" as he was sentenced to death in Iraq. Despite the horror this man is responsible for, he seems to think he's on God's good side. Someone has taught him that simply by saying "I'm a Muslim", he gets a one-way ticket to heaven, no matter what atrocities he commits.

What a world we live in! What a mess! I'm still trying to sort through the mess. At the moment I am pretty much stuck when people don't even accept that women have a right to not be raped. I also haven't been able to penetrate the illogic that ensues from people who have been brainwashed with some dogma. I made a conscious effort when I was a child to reject anything I'd ever been told and scientifically scrutinize everything. Later (ie just a few years ago) I found out that this is called rationalism or free-thinking. This was all fine as a first step. I needed to get my own brain around the problem first. Clearing my head and calculating. Looking for solutions. But that phase is now over. I had assumed that God/EC would fix everything now that I had rumbled him via science and atheism. But that is evidently not the case. I have to assume that this is just the next part of my challenge.

It is an interesting challenge for sure. I was essentially born into this world with a genetic desire to kill as many human rights violators as possible before I die. I have been trying to do that by leveraging into the existing security forces that are available. E.g. I didn't want to waste valuable taxpayer money on keeping thieves alive, who were a negative impact to society when released (above and beyond the dole), so just wanted them shot. This was of course before I had grasped the concept that these were NATURAL ANIMALS. To me they were just evil vermin who needed to be exterminated.

Getting my own brain around the problem was something that was under my control. But it was not something I was actually able to solve until the Iraq war, where nation-states interacted in alliances in the same way that individuals do. Once again this is a complicated concept that no-one else gets. Modelling human behaviour on the behaviour of nation-states. No-one else sees the fundamental opportunity that the Iraq war opened up. I have spoken to a Russian at length to try to penetrate the Russian mindset, to find out why they weren't joining us to liberate the world, now that they were free themselves, but although I could see there was a difference, I couldn't explain it. It was only the Iraq war, where I got to see Iraqis reacting to minimal displays of force, that I was finally able to put all the pieces together.

On IRC I mainly interact with young Filipino and Indonesian women. It's not a great cross-section of the world. But it's all I have ready access to. I theoretically have access to Sydney too, but I was unable to even advertise my website in the local newspapers. They rejected my ad. Unbelievable! My ad just said "Jesus has returned" and gave my web site (www.mutazilah.org). A long time ago I advertised my old website in a free magazine, and I didn't see any evidence of a single person visiting my site because of it!

I have also tried interacting with people on newsgroups, but the people there appear to believe in conspiracy theories about Bush only being interested in oil, and again, they have no regard for Iraqi women, that I make no progress. Bush has already done his bit. It's now up to me to take it from here. One thing I have been trying to get people on IRC to do is to send a letter to their government asking them to declare war on Iran. I get them to read my letter to John Howard saying the same thing. It's a slow process and I'm not having much success with that either. But I am getting a deeper understanding of my environment. And experiencing truly awful English too! I am very tolerant of poor English, but sometimes I just need to tell people that their English is too poor for us to have a conversation. I am certainly glad that they're the ones learning my language rather than me having to learn a myriad of foreign languages.

So, the campaign continues, slowly. Not much to report.

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