Debate with Anti-liberation Iraqi

After finding out about some anti-liberation Iraqi bloggers complaining about the pro-liberation Iraqi bloggers "Iraq the Model", I decided to email a few of them to explain to them the different "tribal mentality" that existed and that the reason for the disconnect was that the ITM brothers and I were in the tribe of anti-subjugators.

One of the Iraqi bloggers decided to go public. I tried to continue the debate in the comments section, but she wasn't interested in getting to the truth. She's just another Ba'athist who was quite happy that others were being raped, tortured, mutilated and murdered by their own government, so long as it wasn't her. Anyway, here is my public response to her post:

PE:"I was so happy tobe able to finally get rid of a terrible dictator who used to rape Iraqi women."

"And you would know because...you've been surfing the web, watching TV or reading your local news paper?"

Are you trying to deny that Saddam used to rape Iraqi women? INSTITUTIONALIZED RAPE. As well as institutionalized torture, mutilation and murder. Just because it wasn't happening to you, you don't care about it? Well I do.

"What do you think is going on in Iraq now?"

What's going on now is a transitional phase. The religiously-bigotted Sunnis are objecting to being out of power.

"Too much freedom and happiness, thanks to you?"

Most of the country is quiet. It's just the Sunni areas where there's an ongoing war to make sure that they don't seize power.

PE:"What exactly do you imagine that the US is getting in return? What do you think the other members of the coalition are getting in return?"

"First, no I'm not grateful and nor the majority of my people are."

Not true. Polls show that most Iraqis think the war was worth it. In addition, there was a 70% turnout at the elections, despite threats from terrorists. Iraqis have taken to democracy like a duck to water.

"What they're getting out of this? Well, let's seeā€¦

No, the US is PAYING for oil, the same as it used to do when Iraq was a dictatorship. The US isn't getting a red cent from Iraq.

"reconstruction contracts"

Reconstruction contracts are being paid for with US taxpayer's money, yet another free gift from America to Iraq.

"I owe you nothing."

True, ungrateful racists don't owe me anything.

"The most you've moved was your mouth in support for our case"

I am a taxpayer - I paid for the military that liberated you, and I voted for the pro-war party to keep you liberated. You don't recognize that you were liberated because you were one of the Sunni in power and didn't think there was anything wrong with Saddam, since he was a fellow-Sunni.

"I'm the one who had to move out of the country and leave my life"

This is because of an ongoing Sunni insurgency. You should blame the sick mentality of the terrorists for this.

"Now, if you're not a government official or at least a soldier, stop saying "we", because you don't fit in the picture."

I am an Australian citizen living in a democracy. I AM the government!

PE:"That is a misnomer. It's actually "free people's burden". In my opinion, free people have an obligation to help liberate the rest of the world."

"I would suggest you google "Rudeyard Kipling"."

Yes, that's what he said, but like I said, it's a misnomer. In my opinion free non-whites (e.g. South Koreans), should be attempting to free the rest of the world too. It shouldn't only be white people.

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