Arab Nazis

Here is half of the problem in the Middle East. Let me quote:

"there is something almost ironic about his egyptian brethern's anti-semtisim (besides their blind worship of Hitler, who would've killed the arabs just the same), and it's this: 1) They hate the Jews, 2) They openly advocate the annihilation of Israel and the Jews , and 3) They admire Hitler and his book is sold on Egyptian streets and in Egyptian bookstores, however 4) The Israelis are NAZIS."

Basically these people need to be de-Nazified (and the other half of the problem is that they need to be de-Islamified). There's no point sweeping the problem under the carpet. What happened in Germany needs to happen in Arabia. Not only that but something needs to be done about the Orwellian mindset where Arab Nazis are calling anti-Nazi Israelis "Nazis".

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