Fixing the World

We need a plan to fix the world. The most pressing need is to defeat our enemies such as Iran, and turn them into friends. Then we need to defeat the remaining dictators and turn them into LIBERAL democracies, and also get them to hold referendums on whether they would prefer to be colonies of some first-world country, thus ensuring clean government. We will then be in a position to stop wasting so much money on the military. Then we need to get capitalism working properly across the world, by fixing property laws, as described here. We also need to replace the horrible papacy which causes so much poverty by opposing contraception. We should replace it with the Mu'tazilah Caliphate. That's about as close as I think we can get to a smoothly running world, with every country being as good as Australia.

But first thing on the agenda is to overthrow Iran's dictatorship. As well as turning an enemy into a friend, it will start channeling the oil revenue into improving the life of the Iranian people instead of being used to fund pointless terrorism. I urge everyone to write to their government and ask for a declaration of war on Iran, similar to my letter to the Australian government. I urge everyone to concentrate their efforts on getting Iran toppled. This will create an INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE. We also need to do what we can to ensure that the institutional changes that have already occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq remain secured. The main thing there is to encourage others to support the Iraq war, as I am doing on IRC.

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