United Nations

You've probably heard the refrain "UN out of the US, US out of the UN". Is the United Nations really useless? Well, the UN is basically a collection of thugs. It is whoever controls the military. But sometimes it is necessary for thugs to sit down and talk to each other. Dictatorships were very common until recently. You can't just wish dictatorships didn't exist, you need to deal with reality on the ground. Also, because it is a collection of thugs, it does not represent the US. This is also useful, e.g. in the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq war, Al Sistani refused to talk with the coalition, but he was willing to talk to the UN. Another good thing about the UN is that some people consider it to be authorative. This proved useful in the Iraq war too, as after the war, the UN recognized the Coalition Provisional Authority. So those who were previously bleating about the absence of UN approval were now stuck with the new reality. Basically the UN still serves a purpose, and with the US, Britain and France having veto power, there is no danger of the UN doing any harm.

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