Mind Games

How do we know that Americans aren't just pretending to be nice people to lull people into a sense of calm as a precursor to enslaving the free world? We don't! People may think I am a pacifist, but secretly I have been plotting to liberate the entire world from dictatorship (and I erroneously assumed everyone else in the free world had the same plot). What we need to do is ensure that the world is structured in such a manner that there is no risk of the Americans suddenly deciding to set themselves up as the world's dictator. This is a long-term plan though. In the short-term, we need America's clout to overthrow the remaining dictators. But in the long term, I think NATO is the solution to the problem. If America ever changes its skin, NATO should be in a position to throw them out of the alliance and reconfigure against America. And the fact that this is possible, means that America would never attempt to do such a thing in the first place. As the saying goes - if you want peace, prepare for war. I'm fully aware that this is just being extremely cautious. The real danger is that the US are too isolationist as this excellent article articulates.

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