Believable Numbers

Here is an excerpt from www.strategypage.com:

"December 11, 2005: American fatalities in Iraq, so far, amount to 2,400 coalition dead (89 percent American), about 12,000 Iraqi soldiers and police killed (half defending Saddam in early 2003, the rest defending the new Iraqi government), and about 28,000 civilians. The civilian figure includes anti-government forces. In fact, at least half the “civilian” dead are terrorists and anti-government gunmen. We know that because over 80 percent of the dead civilians are adult males (which normally account for only about a quarter of the population.) However, adult males comprise over 99 percent of the terrorist and anti-government gunmen population."

So that's 40,000 Iraqis killed out of a population of 27 million. That's 0.15% of the population. Since I consider the ending of institutionalized rape to be something that should be fought to the last man, this is an extremely small price to be paid for freedom. And let's not forget that most of those killed were enemy combatants. The figures should be even better for the next country liberated, as there will be no security vacuum.

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