To Russia with Love

Open Letter to Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Dear Sir,
After the collapse of communism, I fully expected Russia to change sides, and be a pro-western country the same as Eastern Europe and the Baltics. But it didn't happen. I have spent a lot of time analyzing "what went wrong" and I have drawn some conclusions which you might find useful. Especially I have an explanation as to why you aren't being accepted by the western world. First of all, you need to know what western ideology is. Here is roughly the ideology that our western governments are following:

I am AGAINST racism.
I am AGAINST sexism.
I am AGAINST religious discrimination.
I am AGAINST dogma.
I am AGAINST nationalism and national bigotry.
I am AGAINST non-humanist behaviour.
I am AGAINST subjugation.
I RESPECT INDIVIDUALS who VOLUNTARILY donate to COMPLETE STRANGERS (ie different race, different sex, different religion) using their OWN HARD-EARNED MONEY.

I will FIGHT using my BRAIN subjugation of ANY HUMAN.

Now look at all the things that Russia is doing that are against this ideology. You cared about the Serbs being bombed in 1999, but didn't care about crimes committed against the Kosovars. This is a sign of racism. It appears that Russia only cares about fellow Slavs. You will not be accepted by the west if you are racist. Another indicator of racism is why you aren't doing anything to help protect Taiwan from communist China. You should be helping Taiwan because of a shared IDEOLOGY of freedom (ie not being subjugated) rather than because of their race.

The next bit of the ideology you are causing conflict with is nationalism. The Russians are far too eager to classify their country as beyond criticism. You will only be accepted by the west if you show that you can be self-critical and learn lessons from your own past bad behaviour. The west doesn't like people who think they are perfect and have done no wrong ever.

Another thing you are doing wrong is that you are not donating to complete strangers. You only care about your own national interests. Why don't you give some money to buy toys for Iraqi children? It doesn't matter how much you give. So long as you are giving something, anything, for NO BENEFIT TO YOURSELF.

But by far the most important factor is that in our eyes you are attempting to SUBJUGATE Georgia and Moldova. You have your troops there against the will of those two countries. This immediately makes you a subjugator. And here is what you need to understand about NATO. NATO is NOT an anti-Russian alliance. The members are not being bullied by USA to join NATO. They are joining of their own free will. How was this accomplished? NATO is a NATURAL alliance of anti-subjugators and non-subjugators, uniting against any potential subjugator. To Russia, it may appear that the forces in Georgia and Moldova are very small. But that's all it takes to give your country the status of "subjugator". You are scaring us. If you want to subjugate others, then what is stopping you from subjugating us too?

If you are genuinely concerned about the human rights of people in Georgia and Moldova, then you should request NATO to go and safeguard the people. You shouldn't do it unilaterally. I am sure that Georgia and Moldova will be willing to have a NATO presence in their countries. What they don't want is Russia subjugating them. Again, this is not anti-Russia. It is anti-subjugator. You can actually request that NATO use ethnic Russians from the Baltic states. It doesn't matter what the race of the peacekeepers are. What matters is that they are not seen as subjugators. This is why the US is always keen to have a coalition. E.g. in Afghanistan, the ISAF has no US soldiers in it. This is deliberate, to avoid the image of the US subjugating Afghanistan. The US wants to show that it is not trying to conquer/subjugate the people of Afghanistan, it merely wants to ensure that no-one else (such as the Taliban) is trying to subjugate the country. The US is an anti-subjugator.

The rule about "fighting subjugation" is something that doesn't just apply between countries, e.g. "USSR subjugated Eastern Europe", it also applies between the government and the people, e.g. "Stalin subjugated the Russian people". In fact, it also applies in a family, e.g. "the husband is subjugating his wife". And the reason we have rapists in the world is because they also have a genetic desire to subjugate others. And what rapists are lacking is EMPATHY FOR STRANGERS. If you start using the extremely important word "subjugate" in your discussions (plus the concept of dividing the world into subjugators, non-subjugators and anti-subjugators), then you will understand why NATO forces appear to be inching closer and closer to Russia's borders (which is understandably causing concern to you).

It is my expectation that after you cease being a subjugator (ie after you pull your troops out of Georgia and Moldova), you will suddenly become a non-subjugator (at least of other countries), and you can start having a meaningful relationship with NATO. The NATO-Russia Council can be converted into a NATO-Russia alliance, ie a mutual defence pact that any attack on Russia is an attack on NATO and vice-versa. I really hope this can happen soon. It would be terrible to lose this opportunity because of a cultural misunderstanding. I look forward to the day when Australia and Russia are formal allies again. ie Australia gets entry into NATO and NATO is allied with Russia.

UPDATE: One thing I forgot to mention. In the Anglophone countries we don't remember history way back to when Noah was a boy. We don't look back much further than WWII. We judge people by their current behaviour not their past bad behaviour. No-one cares that Japan, Germany and Russia used to be enemies. The past is the past. We live in the present. That's why we are able to form alliances with such a broad group of people. That's why NATO exists. Historical amnesia is a great asset.

UPDATE 2: A feature of NATO is that you can split any NATO country in half, and both halves will return to NATO of their own free will. No-one needs to be coerced. Anti-subjugators and non-subjugators ally together naturally.

UPDATE 3: Another part of our ideology is that we respect people who are UNSELFISH. And another part is that we judge people by their IDEOLOGY not their military strength. People like the Baltics have a kick-arse ideology of "never again" to "neutrality". This is highly respected.

UPDATE 4: Another way of expressing what the west respects is TRUE ALTRUISM (thanks to Chris Tune for the phrase).

UPDATE 5: Also, it is in our blood to protect the weak. That is why we try to defend Taiwan, why we wanted to embrace the Baltics, and why we refuse to sell out Georgia and Moldova. We wish you felt the same way. Protecting lovely democracies like Taiwan against a nasty communist dictatorship. Defending weak anti-subjugators from strong subjugators is noble and honorable.

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