Stop Hassling the Oppressed

There are some people who insist that people need to help themselves, and that if the Iranians/Syrians/etc want to be free, they should speak out and stand up for themselves and/or overthrow the government themselves. This attitude is absolutely disgraceful. Do you remember the carnage of WWI when ARMED men tried charging machine guns? What do you think happens 90 years on with more modern weaponry and an unarmed population? Exactly the same thing. 100,000 died in Iraq in 1991 trying to overthrow their government. If they had actually been successful, 100,000 would be a reasonable price to end their holocaust. But they were unsuccessful. So they died for nothing at all. The Iranians tried a revolution in 1999. They had more people than in the 1979 revolution. And as happened in Iraq, they were mowed down by helicopters.

It's very easy for westerners with freedom of speech protected by the security forces to lecture others about speaking up. Very easy and very cruel. These westerners should be speaking up on behalf of the oppressed themselves, and directly taking on the vitriol of the anti-war left at home. It's only words, not bullets. Stand up and be counted. And that includes the various church groups, including the Pope, that took the easy way out and stood with the left-wing instead of standing up for an end to human suffering. The left-wing is totally morally bankrupt. They only care about stealing as much from the rich as possible. But the church leaders didn't need to join them. Another example of western cowardice is how many people are willing to stand up and say "far too many blacks are racist"? Whites have to put up with endless criticism about how racist they supposedly are. When are we going to see a white stand up and say "um, is anyone actually teaching blacks to not be racist?". Too many blacks are suffering because of their own racism. They're in a "permanent victimhood" mode, tilting at windmills instead of trying to better themselves. This self-destructiveness is encouraged by the left, in an attempt to make capitalist societies look bad. Republicans are painted as universal racists. This subterfuge against Republicans is the true racism. Anything's fair for "the cause". Dr Rice is the subject of ridicule because of the colour of her skin. The audacity of a black joining the Republicans instead of goose-stepping in line with the rest of the Democrats.

And then look what happened in Iraq shortly after liberation. There was a large demonstration in favour of liberation. When the left-wing are finally defeated, and history is written honestly, these demonstrations will go down in history as a watershed in human freedom. The first pro-US demonstrations in the Middle East ever. The first time we could see that the Iraqi people didn't just goose-step to whatever Saddam dictated. Except for a brief mention on Fox News, these remarkable demonstrations were completely ignored by the media. I know it is very difficult to believe your own eyes sometimes. I'm afraid we already live in an Orwellian world. The left-wing controls the media and they have skewed things so far that Saddam was some sort of benevolent leader while Bush is Hitler reincarnated. And we're suffering from disbelief in ourselves. If the media didn't show it, maybe it's not so important after all? You need to really really try. We've still got freedom of speech and freedom of thought. You have to trust that this step forward in freedom is a milestone in world freedom. Instead of asking more people like these brave Iraqis to make themselves into targets so that they can be totally ignored by the western media, we need to instead be the ones to come to grips with the enemy within. I don't exactly know how to do this, but promoting Fox News would seem like a good start. When the left-wing says that Fox is biassed, point out that they were the only ones to show the pro-US demos in Iraq. What demos? Exactly.

Did you know that at the time of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Australian polls were split on support for the war? Do you think the US media made any effort to interview some pro-war Australians to try to find out why Australians were polling differently to Europeans? Nope. Intriguing information such as that didn't fit in with the "the world is against aggression against poor innocent Saddam" theme. It's no wonder that the oppressed are so leery of supporting the West. It is an unsafe environment. These people are too weak to stand on their own. They are up against a truly sadistic enemy, and the western media is supporting their enemy. They should keep a low profile. I certainly would if I were in their shoes. I recently asked a pro-freedom Lebanese woman to start a blog. She refused, citing an anti-Syrian Lebanese journalist who had recently been killed. The solution is clear and obvious - those of us fortunate enough to live in an environment with freedom of speech have an obligation to speak up for those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

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