I am trying to restore the Caliphate. The Caliph is the Muslim equivalent of the Pope. Note that this is not a tyrannical regime I'm trying to implement - what a horrible thought! As with the Pope and the Catholic church, you are completely free to ignore their thoughts whether it be on abortion or gay marriage. Real power remains in the hands of the governments and the people who elect them. But in my opinion, the Papacy has TOTALLY discredited itself, the moment it stood behind Saddam and his holocaust which included institutionalized rape, instead of allying with the forces of freedom. Hence, for the first time there will be an "NGO" that isn't aligned with the left-wing moonbats who support state-slavery, or aligned with the feminazis who didn't give a damn how many Iraqi women were raped by Saddam.

I'm seeking a Caliph in each country as a starting point. To become a Caliph you must:

1. Recognize me as God.
2. Join the Mu'tazilah religion, ie acknowledge you are a Muslim and follow the 3 pillars documented at www.mutazilah.org/holybook.htm (there's no need to follow all the derived stuff that constitutes the bulk of the document).
3. You must reside and be a national of the country you wish to be Caliph of.

Let us together create a kick-arse religious movement that puts the Pope to shame. Please email me if you are interested. Note that the positions of Caliph of Peru and the Philippines have already been filled. You can see the names of existing Caliphs by going to www.mutazilah.org/holybook.htm and choosing "Caliphate". Let's make this happen. It's about time we had a religious organization that isn't afraid to call on the US military to immediately topple human rights abusers. And it'll piss off the morally bankrupt left-wing pro-holocaust anti-war no end. :-)

P.S. I forgot to mention in my last post that I have my freedom of speech back.

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