A Wonderful Australian

I'd like to thank Mr Wood for confirming that Australia and US policy on Iraq was correct, as soon as he was able to SPEAK FREELY, a concept that terrorists don't seem to think is important when they make their ridiculous videotapes. Yes Mr Wood, I would have been TOTALLY SCATHING of US/Australian policy if I had a gun held to my head as well. But when I'm EMPOWERED, the terrorists will find out what I REALLY THINK. We got to see what Iraqis REALLY THOUGHT about democracy as well, when they turned up in large numbers and told the terrorists to take a hike. Who would have imagined it, eh? Iraqis have a PERSONAL OPINION and are KEEN TO EXPRESS IT. Yes, it was wonderful to see. Sure, they didn't vote for who I was hoping that they would vote for (ie the IPDP), but the fact that they have voted for parties we can do business with means that Iraq will required NO RESOURCES into the future in order to keep them neutral/allied. How wonderful is that?!

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