Left-wing Spin

I almost exclusively get my news from the BBC. The reason for this is that it has an international outlook instead of obsessing over what some US senator said, or the completely mad "Murder in Modesto" fiascos. I mean, with so many murders in the US, why pick out Lacy Peterson's for endless theorizing over?! And whenever I turn on Australian news, I get to hear about the latest crash on the Hume Highway. I swear to God that they've just been showing the same car crash for the last 30 years, they don't bother wasting their time to actually take footage of new mangled wreckage. So, BBC is it. Only one problem. It's controlled by left-wingers. While they don't actually lie, and I am an expert in "unspinning" left-wing reports to extract the actual facts, it does get tiresome. For example there is this report, which has an introduction of "Summit setback - Gloom increases for Abbas as Sharon plays domestic politics". What "playing domestic politics" means is Sharon is insisting that he's not going to withdraw troops LIKE HAS ALREADY BEEN TRIED IN 2000 AT THE INSISTENCE OF IGNORANT OUTSIDERS unless the Palestinians are going to provide better security for Israeli citizens than the IDF are able to provide. As the BBC has noted, this policy has widespread support in Israel. Fancy that? Israelis support policies that make them less vulnerable to being blown up by yet another racist Arab Muslim stuck in the 7th century.

Then in the article we have "They also want Israel to release their prisoners". Ok, so the priority of Palestinians is not to save lives or improve living standards, it's to get more terrorists onto the streets. Yeah, like that will work. Why the Palestinians insist on turning their region into "Escape from New York" is beyond me. They murder Palestinians who help fight terrorism as "collaborators" and then ask for more terrorists to be released, and then people have the gall to insist that these Palestinian leaders be treated as "peace partners"? I've seen it right here in Australia. With a completely straight face, people support the Palestinians as they endeavour to compete with North Korea on who can create the most bizarre state in the world. Well, there was strong competition from Afghanistan at one point in time. But some idiot put an end to that. I thought the Indonesians were on track for lunatics of the year at one point, as they blew up their OWN TOURIST INDUSTRY. Someone has apparently taught them about economic warfare, but neglected to mention that it's supposed to be directed at OTHER PEOPLE's (preferably the enemy's) tourism industry! But Afghanistan was a place apart. It was very difficult for the US to respond to 9/11 when the enemy had ALREADY RAZED THEIR OWN COUNTRY TO THE GROUND. I think Afghanistan is a lesson from God. You should not engage in carpet bombing of the enemy. It doesn't have any effect. Hitler did something similar. Razing Germany to the ground so that "we" would "inherit" a wasteland. Um, yeah. Right. And where were the Germans meant to live exactly?

So what else does the article tell us? "They say the attacks against Israel are a result of almost 40 years of occupation of Palestinian lands". And "Palestinian lands" are what, exactly? 2005 borders? 1967 borders? 1948 borders? 1938 borders? Whatever territory that Israel is stupid enough to hand over to known terrorists? "After the meeting Israel put a positive spin on the day". The BBC is lecturing people about spin? "Indeed there are those who wonder if the current violence was actually what set the agenda for today's meeting". Ok, so journalism is now reporting what some unspecified people "wonder"? Honestly, if it weren't for left-wing journalists, and news was instead just the objective truth, would the world actually be as colourful as it is? I'm beginning to think that left-wing nutcases should be treated as part of the native flora and fauna.

And all this is happening while the Palestinian Authority is spewing out unbelievable propaganda. I'm pretty sure that this crazy world is deliberately crazy just for entertainment purposes. There is a God and this is his plan. He wants to see how we react to the moonbats. Honestly, if it weren't for the human rights abuses, it would be incredibly funny. Watching illogical thought processes in action. And watching logical people attempting to deal with the illogical people, knowing that if they're going to get a rational government, they somehow need to convince the moonbats, who have equal voting rights. To quote ableiter "On the Positive side Roasann, Hillaery and all the other femi-nazi's will look good in burlap sacks. And Hollywood will be razed, with all the movie stars having their money confiscated to build new Mosque's. All us regular guys have to do is learn to bang our heads on the floor 5 times a day and pretend that an ignorant goat f*ck was privy to all the secrets of the universe". This was when he thought that Bush was going to lose the election and the moonbats would stand down the US military - AGAIN.

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