Horror in Zimbabwe

Open Letter to Thabo Mbeki, President of South Africa

Dear Sir,
I would like to draw your attention to your statement where you asked "why (is) the West is so concerned by Zimbabwe but makes relatively little noise about other African emergencies, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, where some three million people died in a civil war, and where armed bands kill, rape and loot with impunity in some areas?". Good question! I will answer that question for you in a moment. But before I answer it, I'd like to ask you a question of my own. Why are you NOT concerned about Zimbabwe? Why do you think that problems in DR Congo mean that Zimbabwe's horrible Marxist thug Mugabe gets a free pass? Would condemning him and ostracizing him take too much of your valuable time? You seem to have time to support him, but not condemn him. Why is that? Is it because you feel the need to support Marxists worldwide (ie even Aristide in Haiti), regardless of the horrors they inflict on their own people? Any amount of human rights abuse is acceptable in "the cause", right? You don't give a damn about the human rights of blacks, except as a means to promote your sick twisted Marxist dogma. When it comes down to it, you just like the idea of being able to steal money from the rich, and if it's a rich white, so much the better. I'm not sure why people expected any better from a racist Marxist terrorist organization like the ANC. That even burned down schools so that blacks would remain ignorant Marxist-supporters instead of learning about modern economic theory.

Mugabe's holocaust even includes instititutionalized rape. A better question you should have asked is why the left-wing in the West cared so much about the capitalist white South African regime when there were FAR WORSE regimes in the Middle East. But we both know the answer to that, don't we? Anything for "the cause". But we're onto you now. One way or another, we're going to remove the Marxist thugs that you support. We're going to replace them with rational humanist regimes. Then I hope that we will have the fortitude to replace your own racist Marxist regime. Minorities have rights too. The white South Africans have a right to not live in fear because the racist ANC is secretly smiling at the rampant racist crime committed against whites. "Payback time", right? Sir, may I ask what religion you are? Because whatever it is, you should change to a religion where people are born equal and without sin, regardless of skin colour, guilt is not transferrable, and people are judged by their current behaviour, not past bad behaviour. This philosophy is what makes Australia and America the successes they are. And it's what allowed America to turn the Japanese and Germans from enemies into friends. Anyway, the religion I would recommend to you is Mu'tazilah.

Now, I promised to answer your question about DR Congo. First of all, what makes you think we aren't concerned? Why do you think UN troops, French troops, NGOs are already there trying to solve the problem? There has been multiple peace agreements signed. What exactly is it that you want the West to do? What are you proposing to solve the problem? And why do you need us to solve the problem anyway, why aren't you solving it yourself, if you believe you have a solution? If a government needs to be toppled, or one side in a civil war needs to be supported, the West has the forces required to achieve this. Is this the situation in DR Congo? It IS the situation in Zimbabwe. We can SOLVE that problem by toppling the government. In fact, I call on the Australian Prime Minister to stop issuing words of condemnation against Zimbabwe and show a bit of backbone for a change and do exactly that. As an Australian, I'm embarassed that our Prime Minister portrays us as a country that only condemns human rights abuses and is too scared to actually DO something about it lest our armed forces have to face sharpened bananas. However, I digress. We're trying to solve the problem with DR Congo. You are quite right. Women are being raped in DR Congo. We have to stop it. In the same way that Debbie and her 11-year-old room mate have an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to not be raped and have an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to expect their government to do all in its power to STOP rape instead of COMMITTING rape and have an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to expect the international community (or the subset that aren't racist sociopaths, anyway) to come to her aid, so too do the women and girls in DR Congo.

The problem is, DR Congo is full of racist sociopaths. I don't know what their religion is, but it sure as hell isn't Mu'tazilah. It's not the government that is committing the atrocities, it's thugs all over the country. In order to solve this problem (and the women in DR Congo have a RIGHT to expect this problem to be solved!) you need to do several things. You need to teach the people of DR Congo, via both religion and education, to NOT BE RACIST and HAVE EMPATHY FOR OTHERS. This is a LONG process. In addition, you need to have the government assert control over the country and get rid of the weapons in the hands of civilians. The trouble you're finding in DR Congo is that the multiple ethnic groups don't trust each other, for good reason. They don't trust the government to protect their rights. They don't trust the African Union to protect their rights either, with good reason - just look at the instititionalized rape in Zimbabwe that the African Union doesn't give a rat's arse about. And thanks to the archaic Treaty of Westphalia, they think that foreign countries won't forcibly intervene to protect universal human rights. And they're sort of right about that too. I wouldn't give up my weapons to an untrustworthy government like that either.

However, the good news is that there is a solution. DR Congo needs to become a French protectorate. France is a first-world country with a top-notch military. It can easily install a rational humanist government in the DR Congo by force of arms. It can then EMPOWER the non-racist Congolese, by allowing HUMANIST Congolese to join the new army (under French command). Any military personnel who show ethnic partisanship should be sacked. The same applies for all other elements of the government structure. We know how to create good government. Karl Marx doesn't have the answers. Science has the answers. The longer we wait to give France the green light to do what needs to be done, the longer the rape of Congolese women continues. I don't want that on my conscience. I know it's hard for a racist sociopath like yourself to understand, but I care about all humans, regardless of race. Well, admittedly I care less about racist sociopaths than I do about innocent 11 year old girls. But I would not want to see even a racist sociopath like you being raped. You have rights too! Even though you don't care about the rights of others, I care about your rights. That is why I want to use minimum force required to restrain you, and I do not seek revenge on behalf of the Debbie's of the world who you condemn to a life of horror. When the Australian Prime Minister finally shows some spine and liberates Zimbabwe, if you attempt to interfere, the Americans will destroy your military. So I'd advise you to keep out and let the humanists do what needs to be done. In the case of Zimbabwe, there's even a humanist opposition waiting in the wings. Probably no need to create an Australian protectorate. We can simply empower Morgan Tsvangirai instead.

The solutions are all there. What's lacking is political will. Personally I blame the Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, for being a spineless sissy, unwilling to commit troops to protect Debbie et al, because he's scared he might upset an assortment of racist Marxist African thugs. I think he should resign. But I'm pretty sure he isn't a sociopath. He seems genuinely upset about the horrors in Zimbabwe. So, his heart's in the right place, but he has no backbone. He will go down in history as a spineless Australian who eternally embarassed the whole country by turning a blind eye to institutionalized rape. Or maybe not turning a blind eye, but delegating responsibility for fixing the problem to you. And when you delegate responsibility for fixing a problem to a racist Marxist sociopath, you know it's the same as not doing anything at all. Just a pathetic attempt to absolve himself of responsibility. When history came calling, Howard chose to hide under his (comfortable) bed. It's times like this that I wish I was born in a different country, e.g. e.g. e.g.. Hmmmmm. Maybe a different planet. One where rapists aren't allowed to run countries. Or racist Marxist (ex?)terrorist sociopaths either for that matter. Or spineless western leaders such as Howard who have the technical ability to stop holocausts but simply CHOOSE not to do so because they might be called nasty names by some scary African thugs with sharpened bananas. Good grief. Good day Sir. You're on the wrong side of history, and the day will come when your name sits alongside Stalin. Although you don't even think that's an insult, do you?

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